Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Britney's gone to rehab!

According to media reports, Britney Spears has checked in to rehab. Thank goodness. Her recent head-shaving adventure has certainly raised the concerns of many people associated, including estranged husband Kevin Federline and former assistant Felicia Cutola. Let's hope that she gets well soon and can return healthy and happy to her children.


scott said...

Hey, she's not a skinhead so as far I as I'm concernedthe head shaving adventure is fine by me. What really should have raised a red flag was the late drinking binges. Not to mention, carrying a bottle of JD in one hand and her purse, dog, cigarette and baby in the other. Sumptin' gotta give, Brian? lol

Brian Cormier said...

Well, she's getting help now. At least it'll give her something to talk about during her inevitable comeback.