Monday, February 26, 2007

Dr. Pepper marketing idea deep-sixed over fears of grave desecration

Yeah, you read the headline right. I'm shaking my head in disbelief. Maybe Cadbury Schweppes' PR people were the same ones who told Telus that selling porn directly to their customers would be a smart idea. As you may have heard, Cadbury Schweppes has apologized for a marketing stunt (The Hunt for More) gone oh so bloody wrong in Boston. Seems they planted a valuable gold coin for contestants to find as part of a national treasure hunt. The only thing is, they planted the Boston coin in an historic cemetery where such people as John Hancock and Paul Revere are buried. And yeah, people were expected to dig around the graveyard to find the coin. Yes, a company sent people to DIG in a GRAVEYARD as part of a treasure hunt contest. Can someone honestly tell me that no red flags went up anywhere in that company? Not one PR-sensitive company official or legal counsel raised their hand and said that desecrating a graveyard may not be a great marketing stunt... even completely freakin' illegal? It boggles the mind. It truly does.

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