Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Latest odds on who's going to win Oscars on Sunday night

Today's news release from gives me hope that my Oscar predictions will turn out to be 100% accurate:

Best Motion Picture:
The Departed 1/1
Little Miss Sunshine 3/1
Babel 7/2
Letters From Iwo Jima 15/1
The Queen 17/1

Best Director:
Martin Scorsese 1/6
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu 9/1
Clint Eastwood 19/1
Paul Greengrass 21/1
Stephen Frears 36/1

Best Actor:
Forest Whitaker 1/6
Peter O'Toole 7/1
Leonardo DiCaprio 18/1
Will Smith 40/1
Ryan Gosling 70/1

Best Actress:
Helen Mirren 1/32
Meryl Streep 19/1
Kate Winslet 32/1
Penelope Cruz 32/1
Judi Dench 39/1

Best Supporting Actor:
Eddie Murphy 2/3
Alan Arkin 5/2
Djimon Hounsou 15/1
Jackie Earle Haley 16/1
Mark Wahlberg 26/1

Best Supporting Actress:
Jennifer Hudson 2/7
Abigail Breslin 7/1
Cate Blanchett 16/1
Rinko Kikuchi 19/1
Adriana Barraza 32/1

The only possible surprise here could be an upset win for Little Miss Sunshine in the Best Picture category. The film's buzz seems to be surging recently. However, I'll stick with my original predictions, which mirror the favourites as noted by

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