Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Telus: I told ya so!

After hearing from outraged shareholders, business groups and customers, Telus finally caved in and is now out of the pornography business. For some unbelievable reason, they're still trying to defend the move, though. Seems the crux of their argument was that the stuff existed anyway and that they were trying to save the world by ensuring that "only adults" got access to THEIR porn. Ooookay... For the record, I predicted this inevitable backtracking, although I said it would happen by the end of last week -- five days ago. I can just imagine the calls from shareholders such as Little Miss Granny Cookiebaker or the Jesus Lovers of Canada Mutual Fund. They must have been thrilled.


Leon said...

Aha, that's why their service was(is) so bad. The employees were distracted.

Brian Cormier said...

Haha! That would have been a really good parody commercial on This Hour Has 22 Minutes.