Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Update: Noah the cat

Here's an update to this post about Noah the cat who was thrown out of a second-storey window in Halifax. Fundraising efforts were being carried out in order to get him the care he needed in order to repair a broken leg. According to this most recent update on the Atlantic Cat Hospital's website:

"Noah was taken to the Atlantic Veterinary College on Sunday by Candace Crosby, a third year veterinary student (thank you Candace). Dr Carolyn Runyon performed Noah's surgery Monday afternoon. His leg had to be re-broken in order to repair the fracture. Dr Runyon said the injury was at least 2 weeks old!

Noah will be staying at AVC for a few extra days so he can receive physiotherapy to help speed his recovery.

Thank you to all of you who contributed to Noah's fund. Any extra money left in the fund will be donated to the SPCA."

Thanks to the good people at the Atlantic Cat Hospital, the Atlantic Veterinary College, Noah's new owner and the many people who donated money. In fact, an amazing $3,600 was raised! It looks like this little guy has a new lease on life and the SPCA will benefit from the extra funds. I'll post more when I hear. ATV News must also be commended for giving this issue such a high profile. ATV has always been very good at giving animal cruelty cases a high profile on their newscasts.

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