Saturday, February 24, 2007

Douglass Watson would have been 86 years old today -- Unbelievable!

Actor Douglass Watson, who played Mac Cory on Another World, would have been 86 years old today if he were still alive. He died in 1989. Incredible to think of him as so old! I used to watch Another World after school and wrote about it here. A photo of Watson toasting the audience was the last scene of the final episode of the show in 1999. (You can view the final scene in my previous blog.) Here's a clip from Victoria Wyndham's 25th anniversary show that aired in 1997. An extended look back at several dramatic scenes between Mac (Watson) and Rachel (Wyndham) begins at the 1:53 mark. Wow... memories.

Robbie's Recipes

Robbie's Recipes is a cool site with tons of "copycat recipes," i.e. recipes that taste just like your most popular brand name and restaurant foods... plus a whole bunch of other good stuff. Check it out. Robbie also has a cookbook available here.

American idol pattern

Every year, an American Idol front-runner gets booted off seemingly too early (i..e. Chris Daughtry last year) and every year someone is caught with a hidden criminal record or for having done something apparently morally wrong. Well, top 24 - and now top 20 - contestant Antonella Barba has had some unfortunate photos of her pop up on the Internet. Oh oh... Looks like she may be booted from the show à la Frenchie Davis, who had topless photos of herself show up after she became one of the final contestants. (Please note that these links do not point to anything "questionable," however they may contain links that do. Click on them at your own risk.)

C'mon, Your Holiness! Deal with the important stuff, will ya?

According to this Reuters report:

"Pope Benedict on Saturday condenmed genetic engineering and other scientific practices that allow people to select so-called "designer babies" by screening them for defects. In a speech to the Pontifical Academy for Life, a Church body of experts, the Pope also attacked artificial insemination and the widespread use of medical tests that can detect diseases and inherited disorders in embryos." ... "He also spoke out against civil unions as an alternative to marriage, his latest criticism of a bill approved this month by the Italian government granting rights to unwed and gay couples."

Shockingly, still no word yet on his approval of KFC's Fish Snacker sandwich for Lent. Tsk tsk! Ignoring all the important stuff again, is he?

Here are some old K-Tel records I had a lo-o-o-o-o-ng time ago

Great Acadian cookbook

This is a really great Acadian cookbook -- "A Taste of Acadie" -- by Marielle Cormier-Boudreau and Melvin Gallant. It's chock-full of old-time recipes... right down to roast porcupine and eel pie! I've made several things from the book and they've turned out great. Very interesting to see variations on the same recipes from province to province... and even village to village. The French version of the book is entitled "La Cuisine Traditionelle en Acadie." I can't find the French version online, unfortunately, but I'm sure you can find it at any good French bookstore. UPDATE - Feb. 24/07 @ 11:16 p.m.: The French version is available here. Thanks to reader Jeannette McLaughlin for the info!

I'm sicky-poo...

... so not sure how much blogging I'll do this weekend. *cough* *hack* *cough* *clutches chest* *sniffles* *cough* *whines*

Isn't being sick just the worst? Ugh. Hate it.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Does anyone remember the K-Tel Superstar board game?

We had tons of fun playing with this. Whoever won would be the "Superstar." It came with a 45-r.p.m. record that played either "It's a hit!", "It's a flop!" or "Break even!" Click here to hear those soundbites from way back when. I can't believe I actually found this online! I hadn't heard those sounds in a good 30 years -- nor did I remember how unbelievably annoying they were!

Thank God this kid is safe! Kidnapped at gun point this afternoon in Florida

A stranger -- a man -- kidnapped 13-year old Clay Moore at gun point from a bus stop in Florida this morning -- right in front of his friends! Hours later, Clay escaped from where the man had left him and contacted his mother using a farm worker's cell phone. Very scary story! What a brazen crime! The understatement of the century came from a local sheriff: "I can't see any good intentions involved. It all seems evil to me, no matter what he was plotting." Well, you've got that right! Clay's guardian angels certainly did their job today!

Retro Canadian KFC commercial from 1971

When times were better...

There are 786 KFCs in Canada today... nearly double the number mentioned at the end of the commercial. I remember this ad. It seems sexist today, of course -- the references to "Colonel Sanders and his boys..." I'm sure there was a woman or two who was cookin' up the chicken!

Maybe KFC should be asking the pope for help with THIS...

Instead of wasting their time writing to the pope about getting some sandwich declared legal for Lent, maybe they should try getting rid of the rats that are living in one of their New York City outlets. Oy!

The people at will pretty much try to blend anything from glow sticks to light bulbs. acts as a marketing site for Blendtec blenders, mixers, mills, etc. Watch what happens when they blended light bulbs:

My first reaction is, "Cool!" My second reaction is that some moron is gonna drink / eat / sniff this stuff, get sick and then sue the company for everything they're worth. It's a unique but fundamentally risky way of selling a product. But then again, they sell cars by showing how safe they are in crashes... and that certainly isn't sending people driving into brick walls. But I'm just waiting for day when some drunk guy drinks this and then sues:

Attack on hockey referee leads to discovery of brain tumour

Saskatchewan hockey referee Dale Neudorf was cross-checked in the face by a player and had to be treated afterwards in hospital for his injuries -- a broken nose and split lip. But doctors also discovered that he had a brain tumour! According to this CTV News report: "Doctors at Saskatoon's Royal University Hospital gave Neudorf numerous tests after treating his facial injuries, when they made the alarming discovery. "The CAT scan picked up that I do have a tumour growing right in the middle of my brain, it looks like," said Neudorf. "They're not sure what it is, how long it's been there or how fast it's growing." Neudorf's wife, Leanne, said she's thankful for the bizarre twist of fate that led to the medical examination. "Maybe we wouldn't have known otherwise until it was too late," she told reporters. Doctors say they will likely operate on the tumour, but Neudorf said he wants to get back to refereeing as soon as he can."

I guess he was lucky in his bad luck!

Stan Laurel died 42 years ago today

Stan Laurel, the "Laurel" in the great comedic team of Laurel and Hardy, died 42 years ago today on February 23, 1965. What a great team they were! I remember watching their movies on TV as a kid and they were certainly always good for a few laughs! This should put a smile on your face:

Thursday, February 22, 2007

American Idol results are in...

I won't give anything away except to say that no one that I predicted would win (either tonight or previously) was eliminated (Sanjaya, Chris S., Lakisha, Melinda). In fact, it was announced that Sanjaya was in the top four guys... obviously a confirmation to viewers of his popularity. His performance this week obviously didn't kill the buzz.

Wonder why I'm revising my American Idol prediction? Easy!

Here's Lakisha's performance from last night:

And here's Melinda's:

Revised prediction: American Idol 2007

Sorry, Sanjaya Malakar fans (and I'm one of them). I hope he gets his buzz back, but after this week's lukewarm Top 24 performance combined with the amazing performances of some of the girls, I'm not sure he's going to make it. In fact, even the top 12 for Sanjaya seems questionable at this point, let alone winning the entire thing. After last night's American Idol performances by the girls, two clearly (!) stood out. I'm hearby revising my previous prediction from a Sanjaya Malakar / Chris Sligh final to a Melinda Doolittle / Lakisha Jones final. Holy moly! Those two divas-in-waiting sure can sing! Click on the photos for their bios.

Here's Melinda Doolittle...

... and here's Lakisha Jones...

I'd never poop again

This product is called "Nature's Platform." It forces one to poop in a squatting position, which is apparently the natural way that humans should poop. On paper, it looks like it should work, but somehow I just can't imagine myself using this. Disaster would ensue. Bones would be broken. Household renovations would be required. Paramedics would be called. The names of every deity ever in existence would be taken in vain. And certainly no poops would be had... ever.

This blog is now certified Britney-free

In honour of CBS late-night talk-show host Craig Ferguson's impassioned plea for the media to back off Britney Spears, I am now declaring this a Britney-free zone. Good luck to her. Hopefully the lack of negativity from this blog makes a tiny speck of a difference in the huge cyberspace world. (That's not sarcastic, by the way.) Watch what Ferguson had to say on Monday's show:

KFC wants the pope's blessing

Oh brother. You've got to be kidding. Gregg Dedrick, the president of KFC wants Pope Benedict XVI's blessing on the restaurant chain's Fish Snacker sandwich. Apparently, this would "allow" American Roman Catholics to eat the product guilt-free during Lent. (Has KFC got research that's showing that Snacker sandwich sales collapse during Lent? I hardly think so.) According to KFC's "Snacker" page, the Fish Snacker is: "An Alaskan Pollock fish filet breaded and fried to golden perfection, then topped with tangy tartar sauce and served on a warm sesame seed bun."

Now, surely to God the freakin' POPE has better and more important things to do than this. Good Lord. And KFC, if you want to do something good in the world, have your president spend his time devising charity programs for the company to raise money for AIDS, orphans, homeless animals, disaster relief... whatever. But honest to God, writing the pope so some freakin' sandwich can be declared "legal" for Lent?

I'd be ashamed to even admit that I wrote to the pope for something so trivial. And besides, the only reason the company wants it "legal" is so that they can make more money. Pure and simple.

Hopefully, the pope will put the letter in the shredder and concentrate on the African AIDS crisis or compensating victims of sexual assault by clergy.

Alice needs a home!!!

Alice has been looking for a home for several months, now. The Moncton SPCA would dearly love to place her with new, loving owners. If you are looking for a dog, please consider Alice. It's time for her to find a new place to live... her forever home! For more photos or contact information, click here for Alice's listing on the Moncton SPCA website. Here's the write-up on Alice:

"Sweet Alice is still waiting for a new home. This pretty girl has been at the shelter since late summer, and is finding it hard to understand why people walk by her day after day without seeing how special she is, the staff are trying to keep her spirits up, but Alice needs to feel the warmth of spring in a loving home, not behind bars.

She is very smart, and learns quickly, she has even started obedience classes and is doing very well. Please, if you are thinking of adopting a new dog, stop and see Alice for the wonderful girl she is. This is a dog that really needs to be RESCUED.

Alice is a very pretty 3 year old tricolor Cattle Dog mix. She is very polite and curious. Due to her high energy level, she needs an active family, who will include her in family life as a beloved member. She is also very smart and willing to learn. No small children or cats please."

Yesterday's "Hump Day" column: On taking a youngster to the hockey game

Hump Day
Published Wednesday February 21, 2007
Appeared on page D6, Moncton Times & Transcript

Last Saturday, I took my godson to a hockey game for his birthday. He hits the double digits this year - the big 1-0 - and with two season tickets from the office burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to invite him to a game in addition to giving him the usual card containing a bit of cash. A budding NHL'er, he was happy to accept my invitation.

I arrived at his home, beeped the horn and he came running out, excitedly hopping in the back seat. I was a bit surprised. After all, who did he think I was? His bloody chauffeur? I know it's your birthday, kid, but don't get all snooty on me. A bit taken aback, I told him to get in the front seat like a normal human being. He was somewhat surprised, but happily agreed. I was surprised that he was surprised. What's up with that?

So I asked him why he didn't get in the front seat in the first place. He mumbled something along the lines about it being illegal for him to be in the front seat. Something about getting injured by airbags and how kids aren't allowed in the front seat.

Oh great, I've already killed him before we even get out of the stupid driveway. First, my friends think highly enough of me to ask me to be their middle son's godfather, and then I inadvertently try to smother the kid with airbags. I guess I won't be waiting by the mailbox for my "Godfather of the Year" award.

Appalled at my own lack of safety knowledge, I shoo'd him back to the rear seat. So off he went, disappointedly returning from whence he came. He was perfectly happy to sit up front like the big kids - and I did consider letting him stay for a split second as a special birthday treat, but thankfully common sense took over and I decided to do the responsible thing, the thoughts of parental lawsuits dancing merrily in my mind.

This, of course, made me then double-guess my plans to give him matches and firecrackers to play with to keep him occupied during the drive to the arena. "OK, Mom and Dad, there's good news and bad news. The good news is that he didn't get smothered by airbags. The bad news is that I could only find three of the five fingers that blew off after the firecrackers I gave him exploded in his hand." You'd think they'd be happy.

Of course, I'm being silly, but kids are such wimps these days.

I remember when we used to have those rolls of caps that we'd put in toy guns. Better yet, we could also make them go off by scratching them with a fingernail. What's a little gunpowder under your fingernails gonna hurt, eh? At least it wasn't dirt. Hmmm, remembering the smell of those caps brings back memories. They should bottle that stuff.

Anyway, back to my hockey game story. The usual treats were purchased, i.e. french fries, juice, etc. I purchased a 50/50 ticket in the hopes that the winnings would continue to keep me in diamonds and caviar for another week. I desperately wanted a coffee but was too lazy to stand in line. Out of the nearly 5,000 people at the game, I think 4,000 of them were in line for coffee, shaking and cranky for their caffeine fix. In the end, I decided to forego a coffee and enjoy the game stimulant-free.

Despite our team losing, we had a good time. I managed to catch a T-shirt shot into the crowd from an air cannon, an extra bonus for the godson to bring home with him, although the XL size was definitely more suited for his father than for him. Having worked for several years in a marketing and public relations firm, I have more than enough logo-emblazoned T-shirts to last a lifetime and certainly wasn't going to keep it.

One thing I noticed about my godson was that the kid knew practically every person in the arena. OK, so I'm exaggerating . . . but not by much. Oh sure, I said "hello" to a person or two. Well, actually, I think it was just one neighbour. Yikes. OK, now wait. There must have been more than that. Ponders . . . Nope. Only one person! Meanwhile, Little Mr. Junior Networker 2007 is waving to people he knew (both kids and adults alike) and having a grand old time chatting up half the crowd.

On one occasion between periods, he decided that he needed the bathroom, so we left our seats and started to make our way through the large crowd to the restroom area on the other side of the arena.

I could have let him go by himself, but I was in no mood to be interviewed all teary-eyed and panicked on the national news that night about an Amber Alert issued for a little boy kidnapped on his birthday while going to the bathroom at a hockey game - all because his godfather couldn't be bothered to leave the comfort of his seat for the walk to the restrooms. Besides, his parents probably would have been a tad annoyed with me had I lost him. Parents can be so touchy about those things. "Don't lose my kid! Don't get him killed!" Blah blah blah. Hey, you've got two spares! Sheesh. Relax!

Anyway, we're walking to the bathroom and these two kids start walking with us. I asked my godson who they were and they were friends of his from school. And then he stops to talk to other people he knows - parents of a friend. And then he waves at more people from school. And he knows the guy shooting the T-shirts into the crowd, too.

So here I am with a 10-year-old kid who knew more people than I did. I guess I'd better start getting out a bit more and maybe not spend so much time in front of the computer working on my blog.

Ah, wait! After many years of resisting the temptation, his parents just got the Internet at home. No need to worry, then. My godson will soon be a computer addict just like his godfather and the only people he'll know will be on chat.

At least then I won't feel so socially inadequate taking him to hockey games.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Every Canadian must bow their heads today in honour of our King of Coffee

Tim Horton, whose name is attached to Canada's most beloved chain of coffee shops, died 33 years ago today in a car accident. He played 24 seasons in the NHL and was the co-founder of Tim Hortons.

Britney dumps rehab... AGAIN...

I officially no longer feel sorry for Britney Spears -- not that she cares, of course. She's dropped out of rehab again even though she's clearly deeply troubled. I guess we'll all just have to sit back and watch the theatrics and the downfall. For her sons' sake, let's hope that this doesn't turn into another Anna Nicole Part Deux.

Two clowns shot dead during performance in Columbia

I'm no fan of clowns, but even I think killing them is a bit much! Holy moly... Maybe they just weren't that funny.

Latest odds on who's going to win Oscars on Sunday night

Today's news release from gives me hope that my Oscar predictions will turn out to be 100% accurate:

Best Motion Picture:
The Departed 1/1
Little Miss Sunshine 3/1
Babel 7/2
Letters From Iwo Jima 15/1
The Queen 17/1

Best Director:
Martin Scorsese 1/6
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu 9/1
Clint Eastwood 19/1
Paul Greengrass 21/1
Stephen Frears 36/1

Best Actor:
Forest Whitaker 1/6
Peter O'Toole 7/1
Leonardo DiCaprio 18/1
Will Smith 40/1
Ryan Gosling 70/1

Best Actress:
Helen Mirren 1/32
Meryl Streep 19/1
Kate Winslet 32/1
Penelope Cruz 32/1
Judi Dench 39/1

Best Supporting Actor:
Eddie Murphy 2/3
Alan Arkin 5/2
Djimon Hounsou 15/1
Jackie Earle Haley 16/1
Mark Wahlberg 26/1

Best Supporting Actress:
Jennifer Hudson 2/7
Abigail Breslin 7/1
Cate Blanchett 16/1
Rinko Kikuchi 19/1
Adriana Barraza 32/1

The only possible surprise here could be an upset win for Little Miss Sunshine in the Best Picture category. The film's buzz seems to be surging recently. However, I'll stick with my original predictions, which mirror the favourites as noted by

Update: Noah the cat

Here's an update to this post about Noah the cat who was thrown out of a second-storey window in Halifax. Fundraising efforts were being carried out in order to get him the care he needed in order to repair a broken leg. According to this most recent update on the Atlantic Cat Hospital's website:

"Noah was taken to the Atlantic Veterinary College on Sunday by Candace Crosby, a third year veterinary student (thank you Candace). Dr Carolyn Runyon performed Noah's surgery Monday afternoon. His leg had to be re-broken in order to repair the fracture. Dr Runyon said the injury was at least 2 weeks old!

Noah will be staying at AVC for a few extra days so he can receive physiotherapy to help speed his recovery.

Thank you to all of you who contributed to Noah's fund. Any extra money left in the fund will be donated to the SPCA."

Thanks to the good people at the Atlantic Cat Hospital, the Atlantic Veterinary College, Noah's new owner and the many people who donated money. In fact, an amazing $3,600 was raised! It looks like this little guy has a new lease on life and the SPCA will benefit from the extra funds. I'll post more when I hear. ATV News must also be commended for giving this issue such a high profile. ATV has always been very good at giving animal cruelty cases a high profile on their newscasts.

Telus: I told ya so!

After hearing from outraged shareholders, business groups and customers, Telus finally caved in and is now out of the pornography business. For some unbelievable reason, they're still trying to defend the move, though. Seems the crux of their argument was that the stuff existed anyway and that they were trying to save the world by ensuring that "only adults" got access to THEIR porn. Ooookay... For the record, I predicted this inevitable backtracking, although I said it would happen by the end of last week -- five days ago. I can just imagine the calls from shareholders such as Little Miss Granny Cookiebaker or the Jesus Lovers of Canada Mutual Fund. They must have been thrilled.

He could have just waved...

"A University of Southern California hockey goalie put on a show, but it had nothing to do with stopping shots.

Mickey Meyer rode his stick like a horse, dropped his bulky pants, mooned the crowd and slapped his buttocks during a game against Brigham Young University, police said.

He was ejected and ticketed for lewdness, a misdemeanor, after an officer who was working security at the rink said he witnessed the scene Saturday."

Click here for more.

Today's Ash Wednesday -- the beginning of Lent

Yup... Ash Wednesday... time to put away all that booze and chocolate until Easter Sunday. Lent has arrived. Many churches will be packed to the brim tonight with faithful marking the beginning of the march up to Easter. Now, if you see people out and about tonight with ashes in the sign of the cross on their foreheads, you'll know why!

On taking a youngster to the hockey game

Don't forget to check out my "Hump Day" column on the editorial page (pg. D6) of today's Moncton Times & Transcript. Today's column is about my recent trip to a Moncton Wildcats game with my godson -- and about how he knew more people there than I did!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Recognize any of these people? Visit

These two gentlemen are deadbeat parents from Ontario who've skipped out on child support payments. Click here for the new website launched yesterday by the Province of Ontario to track down these parents and click here for the related news release. These are but a sample of the individuals noted on the site. If you do happen to recognize any one of these specific two, however, click on the photo to go directly to their entry on the website. There are more on the site.

New Brunswick's own Brandon Jones signs record deal!

Congrats to 2006 Canadian Idol Top 10 finalist Brandon Jones of Quispamsis, New Brunswick, for signing a two-record deal with Sound of Pop Records in Toronto. Brandon is a grade 12 student at Kennebecasis Valley High School in Quispamsis and will be spending a week in Toronto per month until his school year ends. Brandon was a fan favourite on Canadian Idol last year but unfortunately was eliminated in the Top 8 show. Real decent kid! Here's his final Canadian Idol performance singing Bon Jovi's "I'll Be There for You" that aired July 31, 2006. Cindy Lauper was the guest coach that week. He was eliminated the following night during the results show...

Car racer Jacques Villeneuve has a new album coming out

I don't consider myself a music critic, but this is really bad. Jacques Villeneuve may know how to race cars for a living, but he should stick to kitchen parties and family get-togethers for his singing. Click here to go to his MySpace page and listen to some of the songs. "Private Paradise" comes out on February 27, 2007. Click on the photo to order a copy. Click here for his homepage. With apologies to Mr. Villeneuve, I don't think John Mayer or James Blunt have anything to worry about. And is it just me, or does he look like Rex Goudie in that photo?

How do Jews, Muslims and female firefighters feel about this?

"Firemen rescue. Only Jesus Saves"
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Sorry about the poor quality of the photo. I took it earlier tonight. I'll get a better one up on the weekend if the sign is still up then. It changes periodically.

Canada's first Canadian-born Governor General born 120 years ago today

With then-Governor General Vincent Massey at her side,
Queen Elizabeth II greets hockey legend Maurice Richard
in Ottawa in 1959.

Happy 120th birthday to The Rt. Hon. Vincent Massey (1887-1967), Canada's Governor General from 1952 to 1959. He was the first Canadian-born Governor General, a tradition that has continued to this day. It would be unthinkable to have it otherwise! There is even a street named for him here in Moncton, New Brunswick: Massey Avenue...

Britney's gone to rehab!

According to media reports, Britney Spears has checked in to rehab. Thank goodness. Her recent head-shaving adventure has certainly raised the concerns of many people associated, including estranged husband Kevin Federline and former assistant Felicia Cutola. Let's hope that she gets well soon and can return healthy and happy to her children.

It's Shrove Tuesday!

Shrove Tuesday is informally known as "Pancake Day" in some parts. Today is the day before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent in the Christian calendar. I think calling it "Pancake Day" is a bit ridiculous, personally. Isn't that like calling Christmas "Ho Ho Ho Day"? Anyway, click on the Shrove Tuesday link above for more info.

Have you eaten your pancakes yet today? If not, here's a GREAT pancake recipe from Fleischmann's Yeast for "Perfect Pancakes":

  • 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 package Fleischmann's QuickRise Yeast
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 3/4 cups warm milk (105 to 115F)
  • 1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter or margarine, melted
  • 1 egg


In large bowl, combine flour, sugar, yeast and salt. Stir in milk, butter and egg until blended. Cover; let rise in warm, draft-free place until doubled, about 45 minutes. Or, cover and refrigerate overnight, if desired.

Stir down batter; pour 1/4 cup per pancake onto hot, lightly greased griddle or skillet. Cook pancakes until edges are dry. Turn; cook other sides until golden brown. Top with your favourite flavour of Old Tyme table syrup.

These are the best pancakes I've ever had! Well worth the time and effort. I know it seems odd to add yeast to pancakes, but the taste difference is phenomenal. Check out Fleischmann's website for more great recipes. I've tried a few and they're really good.

Brett Somers mystery solved

I got a call out of the blue today from my friend Roger Savoy who lives in Miramichi, New Brunswick. Seems that there was some discussion up there about my question in this post of January 24, 2007 (re: Brett Somers).

Well, the mystery of her birthplace has been solved! She was born in Halcomb, New Brunswick. Seems people up there knew it all along. And now you know, too! (I'm the one who just added the information to Wikipedia in case you're wondering why I just didn't look there!)

The photo of Brett with this post is her current publicity shot on her website. Not bad for 82 years old, eh? Thanks, Roger!

Way Down South

You know how sometimes you misunderstand the lyrics to a favourite song and sing them over and over again until you one day find out what the real words are? Then you are either devastated because the words you've been singing all these years are wrong (and are devastated because you really love the song) or feel completely stupid because you can't figure out for the life of you how you ever came up with those words.

In 1977, Eric Clapton had a huge hit with "Lay Down Sally." Here are the lyrics to to the song (written by Eric Clapton and Marcy Levy). The text in yellow in the first line of the chorus is what I actually used to sing -- the rest of the song was pretty good except that "Way Down South" was always substituted for "Lay Down Sally."

There is nothing that is wrong
In wanting you to stay here with me.
I know you've got somewhere to go
But won't you make yourself at home and stay with me?
And don't you ever leave.

Lay down, Sally, and rest you in my arms. (Way down south, in the rusty midnight hour)
Don't you think you want someone to talk to?
Lay down, Sally, no need to leave so soon.
I've been trying all night long just to talk to you.

The sun ain't nearly on the rise
And we still got the moon and stars above.
Underneath the velvet skies
Love is all that matters; won't you stay with me?
And don't you ever leave.


I long to see the morning light
Coloring your face so dreamily.
So don't you go and say goodbye,
You can lay your worries down and stay with me.
And don't you ever leave.



For years, my brother and sister and I used to sing "Way Down South" instead of "Lay Down Sally" whenever "Lay Down Sally" appeared in the song. I have NO idea how in the name of God we got "Way Down South" out of it, but it worked for us, I guess. We even had audio tapes of us singing "Way Down South." It boggles the mind.

Mimes in church

Oh good Lord... if going to church wasn't falling out of favour as it is, now someone has introduced mimes to their services. I could only make it through about a minute of this before I found myself praying for an aneurysm. This looks scary and creepy.

He might as well go to Iraq with a target painted on him...

Prince Harry is going to be deployed to fight in Iraq and it's apparently something he wholeheartedly wants to do. Regardless of what one thinks of the war, you have to admire his sense of duty. He's not one for sitting around a comfortable palace drinking tea with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Insurgents will certainly see Harry's head as a huge prize. If anything happens to him, it will be interesting to see the reaction and how it humanizes the deaths of other soldiers for many people who don't personally know someone who's been killed in Iraq. (And yes, that's a photo of Prince Harry...)

New JFK Dallas video discovered

Well, this was a bit of a surprise, eh? A new video has surfaced of the ill-fated Dallas motorcade that eventually saw the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. The video is in colour and appears to be really good quality. The film lasts for 40 seconds and was taken 90 seconds before the assassination. You can watch a portion of the movie via this CNN report, or visit The Sixth Floor Museum to watch all 40 seconds. (The service is down from time to time, likely due to high traffic.)

Monday, February 19, 2007

I want one!

This is the Snoogle body pillow by Leachco. Oh my God... doesn't this look comfortable? I want one... and it's looking especially good right now, considering I was exhausted and headache-y all day from a lack of sleep after that stupid coffee I had late last night. (But, of course, I'm still up at nearly 11:30 p.m. blogging my little heart out.) Oh Lord... I just figured out that it's a body pillow for expectant mothers. (Notice the pregnant belly...) Well, since I look pregnant, I think I qualify for one! Click here to buy Leachco body pillows online through Hopefully they sell to men, too. ;-) I think this is the model that interests me the most, actually. Just looking at it relaxes me!

In memoriam

Terry Steeves lived up the street from me on Greenhill Drive in Moncton when I was kid. I didn't know him super well but living on the same street, we certainly ran in some of the same circles. Having lost touch as we grew up, I found out years later that he'd been killed in a car accident in 1989. Every year, a memoriam ad is placed by his family in the local newspaper. Obviously, his passing has left a big gap in their family. It's funny how you notice the same memoriam ads year after year -- even of people you don't know. In this case, I did know Terry-- even though it was oh so many years ago. I don't look at the memoriam ads every day, but it seems that I see Terry's every year.

Hey Moncton... looking for a sell-out Labour Day weekend concert? I suggest: The Police!

When the Rolling Stones played Moncton in 2005, people knew it would be a success, but who could have guessed it would be one of the highest-attendance concerts on their "A Bigger Bang" tour with more than 80,000 people? The show proved that Moncton could play with the big boys if given the chance.

Since the Rolling Stones, officials have been looking for a comparable concert headliner that would attract tens of thousands of people back to the Magnetic Hill Concert Site. Today, news out of Los Angeles was that the Canadian leg of The Police's reunion tour was selling out in record time. Two Toronto concerts sold out within 30 minutes, while concerts in Vancouver and Montreal also sold out. Second shows have been added in both of the latter cities, and expect those to sell out, too.

Moncton... if you haven't already done so, give the promoters a call! With the ability to host 80,000+ concert-goers, we are certainly in the game here. A reunion concert by The Police would draw fans from all over Atlantic Canada and the northeastern United States.

Here are The Police at the recent Grammy Awards singing their #1 hit "Roxanne"...

John Pinette

I think John Pinette is the funniest guy around. You may have seen him on the "Just for Laughs" TV specials here in Canada. He also starred in the series finale of Seinfeld as the man the gang made fun of -- which ended up sending them all to jail. This is one funny man! Check him out.

Make cool stuff with duct tape

To learn how to make a duct tape wallet, rose, munchie bowl for your car and grappling dummy, among other things, click here.

Here's a cool site that outlines are variety of projects, including the wallet and rose, but also including book covers, frames, flip flops, a purse and a necktie.

Click here for info on Avon, Ohio's Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival.

This week's "Hump Day" column...

... is about my trip to the Moncton Wildcats hockey game on Saturday evening. I brought my godson for his birthday. Not being used to having young kids in my sole care, Uncle Brian here tried desperately not to get him killed / kidnapped between picking him up and returning him home to his parents. (Parents can be so finicky about losing their children.) Luckily, we both survived the adventure. Check it out on Wednesday exclusively on the editorial page of the Moncton Times & Transcript.

Why didn't someone try to stop me!

So I post this on the blog last night and nobody even tried to stop me from drinking coffee at 11 p.m. What kind of readers are you? You could have hired a sniper to shoot it out of my hand. You could have e-mailed me. Called. Prayed. Admonished me severely via telephone, fax, ESP.

I knew there was a reason why I don't drink coffee so late at night. I normally never do that, but I really needed to get a column written and Mr. Sandman was knocking at my eyelids. Thankfully, I did manage to churn one out. Time will tell whether it's poop-in-your-pants funny or just pee-in-your-pants funny. (I barely slept last night. Please don't judge me on poor attempts at nonsensical comedy this early in the morning running on about two hours sleep.)

So yeah... I tossed and turned all night and slept about as well as a baby being babysat by dingos. Oh well. I'll know better next time.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

It's nearly 11 p.m. and I still have a 1,000-word column to write...

So what choice do I have? Huh? Huh? Huh? *weeps with despair* So yeah. 11 p.m. and I just went out for coffee to keep me awake and coherent while I write my column for this week. I hope you people realize that it takes time to put something together that is witty / touching / thoughtful enough to make readers laugh / cry / think. As Bryan Adams sings, "Everything I do... I do it for you." That means I'll be blaming y'all at 2 a.m. when I'm lying in bed wide awake and dreading my 5:57 a.m. alarm.

Pet peeve: Illegible and confusing verification codes

I know that in this day and age they're necessary, however could the sites that use these things please -- for the love of God -- make them at least legible and less confusing? Maybe I'm typing too fast or my sausage-like fingers are hitting 10 keys at once (been known to happen), but I never seem to get them right on the first try -- even the second or third. The one attached to this post is from a site I tried to sign up for today. I'll keep trying to sign in if I can ever get the damn code right on the first try -- because if you don't, they just pop another even more confusing one up because they think you're some sort of spambot trying to break in to the site. Some of this particular one is easy to read, but the last part isn't. PLEASE... make these a bit easier to read without having to take out a magnifying glass and hire an expert in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Thank you for listening. Amen.

And in the "Now, I've seen everything" department...

According to this report:

"West Country cheese makers in England have installed a webcam in their factory so fans can watch mould growing on cheese.

The slow process normally takes a year, but modern technology means cheese aficionados can witness every minute of the action without ever setting foot outside of their homes.

A spokeswoman said: "It puts watching paint dry in the shade. If you happen to tune in at the right time you will even get to see the cheese being turned." Nearly 49,000 internet users have logged on to to check out the cheese being made."

So for those of us who don't spend enough time in front of the freakin' computer already, we now have the unbelievable temptation before us of watching mould grow on cheese. Oh joy. Oh bliss. And you know, of course, that I checked it out already and actually spent a few minutes of my life watching it.