Saturday, June 16, 2007

Chico and the Man's Jack Albertson would have been 100 today

Awared-winning actor Jack Albertson, best known for his role in Chico and the Man (1974-78) along with Freddie Prinze (Sr.), would have been 100 years old today. He died in 1981 at the age of 74.

Here are the opening credits to the show:

Funny "Melissa" skit from SNL

This is a funny skit featuring a new character -- "Melissa" -- from Saturday Night Live. I thought it was quite funny.

Here are the Daytime Emmy Award winners from last night's show

Looks like the gals on The View are going to have to wait yet another year! Ellen DeGeneres swept their category... again!

- Drama series (tie): "Guiding Light" and "The Young and the Restless"

- Lead actress in a drama series: Maura West, "As the World Turns"

- Lead actor in a drama series: Christian LeBlanc, "The Young and the Restless"

- Supporting actress in a drama series: Genie Francis, "General Hospital"

- Supporting actor in a drama series: Rick Hearst, "General Hospital"

- Younger actress in a drama series: Jennifer Landon, "As the World Turns"

- Younger actor in a drama series: Bryton McClure, "The Young and the Restless"

- Game show host: Bob Barker, "The Price Is Right"

- Talk show: "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

- Talk show host: Ellen DeGeneres

- Directing in a drama series: "As the World Turns"

Friday, June 15, 2007

I just got finished watching Bob Barker's last show...

Contrary to what I'd read, he did in fact say "bye" to the audience and viewers at the end of his last Price Is Right episode that aired today. I'd read that the last show was like any other... but I was glad to see that he bid farewell to his loyal fans. The show went out in fitting fashion, with the eventual Showcase Showdown winner walking away with more than $140,000 in prizes, including a Corvette and Cadillac -- not to mention the $1,000 she won by hitting $1.00 on the wheel! If you missed the show, it will air again tonight on CBS in primetime!

I love stuff like this...

I have so little pity for the bad guys in situations like this... like none. I'm very much a "shoot first and ask questions later" kind of guy.

Today's Bob Barker's last day...

Well, today is the day that Price Is Right fans have been dreading for months. Bob Barker's last show airs today. I know at least two people who will be in need of medical attention when he signs off. They are huge fans of the show. Say a prayer for them! ;-) Did you know that the FIRST prize ever given on the show was a fur coat? Barker said later that he was ashamed to be giving away fur products on the show after he discovered how cruel the fur industry could be toward animals. I wonder what the last prize will be today? Likely a new car!

Maritime hockey sensation Sidney Crosby scores NHL awards hat trick!

Congrats to Maritime hockey hero Sidney Crosby, who last night was named the NHL's most valuable player (Hart Trophy) at the young age of 19. An incredible feat for someone so young. Earlier in the day, he also won the Lester B. Pearson Trophy for most outstanding player as selected by his peers. As well, he also won the Art Ross Trophy for the most points scored in a season. It was a rare win of all three trophies in the same year. He is only the seventh player in NHL player to do so. Click here for more.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tomorrow is Bob Barker's last Price Is Right show!

Bob Barker's last original Price Is Right episode runs tomorrow on Friday, June 15. His first episode aired on September 4, 1972 -- nearly 35 years ago. An incredible run! Click here for the show's official website.

1.5 million Thomas the Tank Engine toys recalled

According to this CTV News item:

"A recall has been issued for about 1.5 million Thomas the Tank Engine wooden railway toys in Canada and the United States.

RC2 Corp. issued the voluntary recall Wednesday after determining, with the help of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), that the paint used on the toys contained lead.

"Surface paints on the recalled products contain lead. Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health effects," the CPSC said in a press release.

Thomas the Tank Engine toys are extremely popular among young children, especially boys.

"It's a toy that is commonly shared among children's groups so you may take your child over to your friend's house and then your child may play with this toy and you may not be aware that this toy may be the subject of the recall," reporter Kyung Lah told CTV Newsnet on Thursday.

"This is information you do want to share with your friends, among playgroups and at daycare centres.""

So consider yourselves told! Click on the photo for a video report on the story. Please pass this along to anyone who you think may have such a toy.

Broadcaster apologizes for suggesting that French President Nicolas Sarkozy was drunk during a news conference

According to this BBC News item:

"A Belgian newscaster has apologised for suggesting French President Nicolas Sarkozy was drunk during a news conference at last week's G8 summit.

A clip of the incident, posted on the YouTube video website, has been watched hundreds of thousands of times.

It shows Mr Sarkozy, who insists he is a teetotaller, appearing short of breath and euphoric before reporters.

Belgian broadcaster RTBF said presenter Eric Boever asked the French embassy to convey his apologies to the president.

Boever presented footage from the opening moments of Mr Sarkozy's news conference following a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, with the comment that "apparently he had more than just water to drink".

In the clip, Mr Sarkozy offers apologies to journalists for being late and then pauses, as if on the verge of laughter, before inviting questions."

Here's the video in question:

The front-runner to replace Rosie is...

Well, according to the rumours I'm reading, it's Whoopi Goldberg as the show's new moderator! I think she'd do a great job. I'm also hoping that the fifth co-host slot is filled by Kathy Griffin. She cracks me up! I'm also a big fan of Wanda Sykes. Everything she says is hilarious. Perhaps Barbara Walters will make an announcement at the Daytime Emmy Awards later today?

Doing the 'typical man thing', medically

Brian Cormier
Hump day
Published Wednesday June 13th, 2007
Appeared on page D8

Last week, I challenged people who loved me to do something stupid, twist their ankle or have some sort of life-altering experience so that I would have something to write about this week. You see, I'd been suffering from a bit of writer's block. Well, I'm pleased to announce that my father evidently loves me.

Picture it. I'm in another city last Friday afternoon meeting with clients. I'd been up since 5 a.m. to get ready and leave on time to drive nearly three hours to meet the clients at 9:30 a.m. I was tired even before the day started!

After the meeting, I was sitting there in conversation with the clients and in awe of their absolutely stunning office space. My cell phone then started to ring over and over again until I lost patience, excused myself and went to see what was so bloody urgent.

It was my brother. Oh oh! My brother would not call me during the day unless there was something wrong with my father, who lives with him. I checked the voicemail that he'd left and found out that my father had fallen in the shed while trying to move some stuff around. Somehow, he'd tried to move a very heavy box -- a box that he'd miscalculated as being lighter. Not prepared for how heavy it was, he lost his balance, stepped back and then got tangled up in a couple of bicycles.

Then the fun started.

Chaos ensued as he fell with the box on top of him and bicycles beneath him. There was no way he could get up since he was pinned.

Luckily, my brother's girlfriend saw everything happen and was able to get him out his predicament. Except for a severe cut on his wrist, he was unharmed. Seeing that the cut was quite bad, however, she took him to the hospital, where he ended up getting seven stitches and a tetanus shot.

Now, being a typical man (yes, I said it . . .), my father decided to be heroic and shipped my brother's girlfriend away once he got to the hospital. Unfortunately, being a typical man, my father's brain also turns into a cucumber in the presence of medical staff.

He remembers little, seems to understand even less and can barely recite his name. In fact, he could easily pass as a senior citizen with advanced dementia. The minute he leaves the emergency department, however, he could talk about anything going on in the world and be as lucid as you or me.

But in the ER, his brain turns in to a foot-long cuke.

I've heard about other men who are the same way. They all try to be heroes by going to medical appointments alone. When they arrive home, their wives ask what the doctor said. The men would invariably reply, "He didn't say anything." Generic wife reply: "So the doctor said nothing about the 10 pound neon pink tumour growing out of your forehead?" Generic man reply: "Nope. He didn't even notice." A likely story.

As Homer Simpson says, "It's funny because it's true."

The men reading this column right now think I'm being nuts and the women reading the column are all nodding their heads in absolute and total agreement with me.

The "typical man" thing seems to start young these days. The day after my father cut his wrist, it got severely infected, causing his hand to swell up like a balloon. This time I took him in to the hospital myself for another multi-hour wait for treatment. Finally, a strong intravenous antibiotic was prescribed to kill the infection and we waited patiently for the IV to finish so that we could be on our way.

In the room next to us, I couldn't help but hear what was going on. A 17-year-old teenage boy -- now a proud junior member of the "typical man" club -- found himself in the emergency room after trying to perform surgery on himself to remove a cyst from his tailbone. Now, since I can barely manage to touch my toes, I can't even imagine trying to contort myself into some sort of pretzel to slice a cyst off the bottom of my spine. Obviously the kid was the descendent of Cirque de Soleil acrobats or something.

Needless to say, the 17-year-old "typical man" did all kinds of damage to himself and ended up spread-eagled on a gurney while (much to his vocalized dismay) a female doctor checked him out in all his intimate glory.

His moans of utter embarrassment from behind the curtain could be heard throughout the department, while the doctor firmly told him that self-surgery is never a good idea. Being a "typical man," however, he probably went straight home afterwards to try and remove his appendix through his navel with an ice scream scoop.

The kid should just tattoo his Medicare number on his forehead. It will save time during those inevitable future hospital visits if he doesn't reform!

Now, I'm not simply being sexist against my own brethren just to be mean. Others agree. Even one nurse turned to me after asking the same simple question 10 times to my father (a question he would have known right off the top of his head had he not been in the emergency room) and whispered good naturedly, "Typical man, eh?" Not impressed with the way my Saturday was going, I replied wholeheartedly, "Oh yeah."

Don't think I'm just sitting here passing judgment. I admit that I'm a reformed "typical man" myself.

Just like that kid, I too decided to try and remove a cyst on my own several years ago. This one was in my cheek (on my face, not the other end).

Like him, I ended up in the doctor's office, my face looking like I was some sort of freakishly large squirrel storing nuts in my cheeks for the winter. There were likely a few "Typical man!" comments thrown my way back then, too.

So to that 17-year-old acrobatic wannabe surgeon:

Learn from your mistake.

There's hope for you yet unless, of course, you enjoy being spread-eagled naked in front of strange older women wearing lubricated rubber gloves.

But hey, to each his own.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Electric shock prank

This video has been around for years, but it's still pretty funny. The guy on the left pretends that he's getting shocked and his banana-eating friend on the right screams like a little girl!

Kevjumba: Tampa and the dentist

Does anyone know when Rescue Me's new season starts in Canada?

Does anyone know when the excellent series Rescue Me is returning for a fourth season here in Canada? I see that the season starts tonight in the U.S. The series airs on Showcase here in Canada, but there's nothing about the new season starting. It usually ran a week behind here but it looks like it's going to be much later than that this year. Crap! That's a really good show.

Check out today's Hump Day column: Doing the 'typical man thing', medically

Hey everyone! Check out today's Hump Day column on page D8 of the Moncton Times & Transcript. Today's column is all about "typical men" and how we sometimes aren't at our best and brightest when we show up in the emergency room for treatment. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2004 Canadian Idol Kalan Porter's latest videoblog

Cool animated pic

Search both Google and Yahoo! at the same time using

According to this news release:

"Toll Free Yellow Pages, Corp., a subsidiary of Yellow Pages Corporation, today announced the launch of, the nation's first website that enables users to search both and at the same time.

Both Google and Yahoo are placed side by side on a split screen in order for users to easily compare results of both websites. The company has also launched the same service for the UK with, the U.S. with, and Australia with All of the SearchBoth(TM) family of websites search both Google and Yahoo in their respective countries."

Look at this guy's tongue!

Here's another Britain's Got Talent clip

Simon seems to be a lot nicer on this show than he is on American Idol.

Listen to this guy sing!

Britain's Got Talent is the U.K.'s sister show to America's Got Talent currently airing for the summer on NBC. Judge Piers Morgan also appears on America's Got Talent and American Idol's own Simon Cowell is also a judge, as well as being an executive producer of the show itself. Here's a clip from the British version that left the judges in awe and the audience cheering. It's always great to find raw talent among the millions of people who audition for these reality shows. This is one of those times. Don't try to tell me you don't have a little tear in your eye after this.

The moral of the story...

... is that it's not a good idea to brag about winning until you've actually crossed the finish line.

Monday, June 11, 2007

This week's Hump Day column...

... is all about the "typical man" syndrome, or why older men should not be trusted to go to medical appointments on their own. I came to this conclusion after bringing my father to the ER on Saturday. Check out Hump Day on the editorial page of Wednesday's Moncton Times & Transcript.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

This photo was taken 50 years ago today

This is a photo of my paternal great-grandmother Virginie Cormier voting in the Canadian federal election held June 10, 1957 -- 50 years ago today! The photo appeared in The Moncton Times on June 11, 1957. John Diefenbaker put many years of Liberal rule to rest when his Conservatives won a minority government.

Have you tried Facebook yet?

Holy mother of God, Facebook is one addictive website! I've been on it for hours today uploading photos and checking out a bunch of people I know. Seriously. I think I need help. If they could send Lindsay Lohan to rehab, they can certainly find it in their hearts to send me along, too!