Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Joan Rivers gets into trouble on live British talk show...

Joan assumed they would bleep her swearing. Only afterwards did she find out that the British talk show Loose Women (a U.K. version of The View, apparently) was "absolutely" live and there was no bleeping. Yikes! She was asked to leave the show during the commercial break.

"Joan Rivers' salty tongue got her booted from a British daytime talk show in the middle of its live broadcast. Rivers used two expletives while talking about Russell Crowe as a guest host on the live gab-fest "Loose Women." She was asked to leave during a commercial break. The 75-year old comedian said in a statement Tuesday she was sorry for the swearing, and assumed that a censor would be able to "bleep" the words out. Then she cracked wise, saying the incident reminded her of her wedding night—because she was asked to leave in the middle of that, too."

Be warned, the following clip contains strong language - but likely nothing you haven't before...


Carm's blog said...

Hi Brian

Ouch.."This was real bad publicity for Joan Rivers"!! But knowing what Joan is all about, "I don't think she lost any sleep over this"!!..Lol.. I see her often on the shopping channel; she sells costume jewelry. She's very comical and I really like her!! :-)
In fact, she's on TV, (ch. 21), this weekend, with another visit at the shopping channel. I buy a lot of her jewelry!!

"She still looks pretty good for 75 years old"..Wow!! But I'm sure she's had many facelifts and lots of "botox injections"!! Lol.

Thanks for showing this video Brian!!


Brian Cormier said...

I love Joan Rivers, too. Have for years! I really think she just assumed they had a "bleep" button. Ah well... Just a tiny blip for her. Nothing major.