Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Top 10 favourite Canadian Idol performances: #5

The #5 choice on my list of all-time favourite Canadian Idol performances is another by last season's Greg Neufeld, who also holds down my #9 spot.

His excellent July 30, 2007, performance of I'm Ready by Bryan Adams speaks for itself. The judges' comments speak for themselves. The audience's reaction speaks for itself. And that week's mentor Enrique Iglesias's comments speak for themselves.

Inexplicably, Greg was eliminated the following week. Don't even get me going on that one again.

So... here's Greg Neufeld's rendition of I'm Ready from last season's Unplugged episode of Canadian Idol:

Check out my previously announced Top 10 entries:

#10: Jacob Hoggard - Sundown
#9: Greg Neufeld - All These Things That I've Done
#8: Kalan Porter - If You Could Read My Mind
#7: Kalan Porter - Awake In A Dream
#6: Chad Doucette - Tonight I Want To Cry

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