Friday, June 13, 2008

My Top 10 favourite Canadian Idol performances: #4

The #4 choice on my list of all-time favourite Canadian Idol performances is yet another from the excellent 2004 tribute episode to Canadian music legend Gordon Lightfoot.

Shane Wiebe was one of those contestants who flew under the radar week after week. In fact, when he made the Top 10, a lot of people were asking themselves, "Who IS this guy?" Shane was a very good singer but had a bit of trouble differentiating himself from the pack in a year that included powerhouse contestants such as Kalan Porter, Jacob Hoggard and Theresa Sokyrka. Despite that - and several appearances in the bottom three- he made it into the Top 5... no small feat!

During the Gordon Lightfoot episode that aired in August 2004, Shane performed a phenomenal version of The Way I Feel. Judge Sass Jordan called it a "stellar" performance. I agree wholeheartedly. Shane made me a big fan of this song.

Check out my previously announced Top 10 entries:

#10: Jacob Hoggard - Sundown
#9: Greg Neufeld - All These Things That I've Done
#8: Kalan Porter - If You Could Read My Mind
#7: Kalan Porter - Awake In A Dream
#6: Chad Doucette - Tonight I Want To Cry
#5: Greg Neufeld - I'm Ready

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