Monday, June 16, 2008

My Top 10 favourite Canadian Idol performances: #1

My #1 favourite Canadian Idol performance of all time is one of the most talked-about performances since the series began.

On July 29, 2004, the show's theme was the British Invasion. Although there had only been a few weeks of performance shows, Jacob Hoggard had differentiated himself from the pack as a guy who liked to joke around, someone who took a lot of glee in torturing poor host Ben Mulroney with his antics... but also as someone who worked very hard at doing something unique and memorable.

That week, Jacob decided to yet again stand out from the crowd by using props, something very rare for the show. This time, though, by taking on David Bowie's iconic Space Oddity, using props was pretty much necessary if he was going to pull it off. By singing first that week in a field of nine remaining contestants, Jacob needed to stand out from the crowd. And boy, did he ever! (Singing first often lands contestants in the bottom three because viewers "forget" the earlier performances in the show and tend to vote for contestants who performed later.)

Jacob started this list at #10 with Sundown... and he ends the list at #1 with Space Oddity: my #1 favourite Canadian Idol performance. Very well done... and a lot of fun to watch! The ending is classic. I love the crowd's reaction at seeing his outfit. They went nuts! And the screams continued during and afterwards...

Space Oddity - Jacob Hoggard

Set Your Self On Fire | MySpace Video

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