Friday, July 18, 2008

'Beer Guy' won't be reinstated, lawyer says

Courtesy of CTV:

"A 61-year-old vendor known as the "Beer Guy" to Toronto Blue Jays fans will not be given his job back, the man's lawyer says.

Daniel Lublin, the employment lawyer representing Wayne McMahon, says Aramark told him they will not re-hire McMahon to work ballgames at the Rogers Centre.

"I have now been advised by Mr. McMahon's former employer that it has completed its investigation into the matter and that it is not prepared to reinstate Mr. McMahon as an employee," Lublin said in a statement late Friday afternoon.

"We find this decision truly regrettable, especially considering the overwhelming support that Mr. McMahon has received from the public, Toronto Blue Jays fans and the media."

McMahon, known for his trademark "ICE COLD BEER" holler, was let go on July 8 because he sold beer to someone without checking their identification first."

Click here for the complete news item. See below for a sample of his trademark sales pitch:

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