Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Canadian Idol: Favourite performances and predictions for Rock'n'Roll Heaven Week!

Last night's show was a tribute to "Rock'n'Roll Heaven". Translation: You had to be dead to have your song featured.

This week's was so-o-o-o-o-o much better than last week's complete David Bowie disaster.

My top three performances were as follows:

Mookie Morris (Age 18 - Toronto, ON): I Feel Good

Theo Tams (Age 22 - Lethbridge, AB): No Woman, No Cry

Earl Stevenson (Age 23 - Lloydminster, AB): Light My Fire

Who's going home tonight? I think Sebastian Pigott is a goner. He was in the bottom three last week and messed up again this week. Even the nicest judges - Farley and Sass - had nothing good to say. In fact, I rarely rarely see Farley criticize anyone has harshly as he did last night. So - buh-bye! Mark Day did much better this week, but the tear at the end ruined it.


Barbara said...

As always, I love your reviews Brian!

Here are my thoughts.
I was happy to see that Mark Day was at the end of the show so that I could leave the room without fear of missing anything else. Not a fan.
I love Earl but actually thought that he was way out of tune last night.He made up his own notes and I think that he forgot the words at one point.
I thought that Sebastian was okay, just too quiet.I was surprised at the judges comments.
I like Mookie too but I didn't like his song choice.
Drew and Amberly redeemed themselves this week so hopefully they get some votes.

Still on the topic of Canadian Idol, Jean-Marc was on the same plane with Zach Werner yesterday.Apparently Zach has a cabin in Manitoba and there for the weekend.Jean-Marc was flying to Toronto with my parents.


Brian Cormier said...

Thanks, Barb! You can tell Jean-Marc that Uncle Brian is now officially JEALOUS. :)