Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Canadian Idol Top 10 announced!!

Canadian Idol's Top 10 was announced tonight. I was mostly correct in my predictions of who was leaving, with two exceptions. Drew Wright got through, as did Adam Castelli. I was shocked by both because at least one big name was not in the Top 10 - Oliver Pigott. That was a surprise! I was also very surprised that Omar Lunan didn't go through.

So here's the top 10:

Mark Day (Age 20 - Portugal Cove, NL) is Canada's version of Sanjaya Malakar and will be the contestant everyone loves to hate. He's already the choice of Mark's a perfectly nice guy, but is no Canadian Idol. Ain't gonna happen. Here's his performance of Against All Odds from Monday night.

Adam Castelli (Age 26 - Hamilton, ON) hails from the hometown of last year's winner, Brian Melo. I was surprised that Adam got through, quite frankly. I think he's quite talented, but had to learn to stop talking back to the judges and offering opinions constantly. Adam's nerves may get the best of him, but he can do really cool things on stage. Here's his performance of If I Were a Carpenter from this week.

Mitch MacDonald (Age 22 - Port Hood, NS) is the Maritime entry in the Top 10 this year. I was really nervous he wouldn't get through, but I can say without a doubt that his likeability and talent will take him far this year. I think he's definitely an underrated contender and could surprise people by flying under the radar. Very very talented. Here's his Top 20 performance from last week singing I'm Yours, which has already become one of my favourites performances of all time!

Mookie Morris (Age 18 - Toronto, ON) is one of my absolute favourites this year. I love everything he does. The judges have coined his dancing as the "Mook Walk" and is considered the coolest contestant on the show. His one weakness: Stop being so serious and show a bit of personality. Needs to smile more. Here's his performance of Valerie from this week.

Sebastian Pigott (Age 25 - Toronto, ON) was the Pigott brother who wasn't going to make it into the Top 10 if only one of them was going in, but he surprised everyone with really strong performances. He's quite the showman, but he rubs me the wrong way. I'm trying to like him... I really am. Here's this week's performance of Bring It On Home to Me.

Earl Stevenson (Age 23 - Lloydminster, AB) is one of those contestants that you either really like or really don't. I'm in the middle. Love the guy, personally... but I find him uncomfortable to watch sometimes. Not sure why. Very authentic, but way too awkward for my own taste. He reminds me of Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Here's this week's performance of Something to Talk About.

Katherine St-Laurent (Age 16 - Otterburn Park, QC) is this year's youngest contestant and has a powerhouse voice for someone so young. Being only one of two females in the Top 10, she doesn't stand a chance against the other female contestant, Amberly Thiessen, when it comes to girl power. I don't think Katherine will last long in the competition. This week, she sang Love Is a Battlefield.

Theo Tames (Age 22 - Lethbridge AB) is certainly one of the favourites to win. Last week's performance of Collide drew heaps of praise from every judge and definitely showcased his talent. He's a brilliant singer with loads of God-given talent. Here's this week's performance of Bubbly.

Amberly Thiessen (Age 19 - Seven Persons, AB) is - at this point - considered one of the top contenders for the crown. She's a beautiful girl with a crazily good voice. Being the only girl in the Top 10 with a chance of winning, she'll do very well. Here's this week's performance of You and I Both. (She didn't do well this week, but trust me - she's good.)

Drew Wright (Age 28 - Collingwood, ON) is this year's oldest contestant and likely lacks the most charisma. He's white bread to me. Not memorable in the least. Boring. Nice guy, but ho-hum. Like watching paint dry. Here's this week's performance of The Reason.

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