Monday, July 21, 2008

How NOT to win your court case

"An HIV-positive man convicted of spitting in the faces of two Sedgwick County deputies is sent to prison after spewing a profanity-laced tirade in court.

Michael Gaines was sentenced to 13 years in prison Thursday about an hour after he was led out of the courtroom, still hurling obscenities at the judge and a prosecutor.

When District Judge Rebecca Pilshaw gave Gaines the chance to speak at his sentencing, he commenced an obscenity-laced outburst at Pilshaw and Assistant District Attorney Kevin O'Connor.

After a few minutes, Gaines was escorted from the courtroom and was later sentenced by Pilshaw via a televised hearing.

Gaines, who is HIV positive, was convicted of battery for spitting in the faces of 2 sheriff's deputies while in the Sedgwick County Jail."

Source: ABC News, Nebraska

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