Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last night's Canadian Idol was more or less awful

Mark Day's performance of Dancing in the Streets on last night's Canadian Idol was the worst thing I've ever seen on Canadian Idol or American Idol. It was a complete mess. That "twirl" he did during the song while spinning his arm in the air was so cringe-worthy that it was painful to even watch.

Amberly Thiessen was equally pathetic with her anemic and uninspiring rendition of Space Oddity, made famous (Idol-wise, at least) in Season 2 by Jacob Hoggard. Check out both versions below.

Space Oddity - Jacob Hoggard

Set Your Self On Fire | MySpace Video

Amberly was PATHETIC compared to this:

Thankfully, Theo Tams redeemed the evening with an amazing version of Silly Boy Blue.

Judge Zack Warner needs either glasses or a hearing aid.

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