Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Canadian Idol: Favourites and predictions for week of August 4, 2008 (Top 7)

Canadian Idol was awesome this week, wasn't it? No one tanked, but there were a few stellar performances. My picks for the three best performances last night:

Mookie Morris - Lola

I can't understand why Mookie keeps ending up in the bottom three every week. He's a star! The judges and the audience love him. Why can't he get the votes??

Drew Wright - Creep

Theo Tams - You Had Me (best of the night!!)

Both Drew and Theo are in the following video:

Theo was amazing and Drew refreshingly memorable in his performance. Drew is flying under the radar every week. Is he so underestimated that he may surprise us?

And my pick for the worst performance? Earl Stevenson has a certain goofy charm about him and I really like him, but I found he crossed the line into "showing off" last night. I didn't think his antics were authentic... they were the antics of someone who's starting to believe his own publicity. And when that happens, you're toast! That "yell" at the end was so cheesy and fake. Sorry, Earl fans!

So who's out tonight? Well, Mark Day sang first and that is the "death" position. He made his first appearance in the bottom three last week. Was that the beginning of the end? Are east coasters flocking to support Nova Scotia's Mitch MacDonald instead? I think so.

So my prediction for tonight is that Mark Day will be eliminated tonight. I can't see anyone else going. As for who else will be in the bottom three, it's very very difficult this year with so many strong performers, but I'll take a stab at predicting that Mitch (because he sang early in the show) and Amberly will be there. Earl deserves to be there, but he's too popular and sang last, so that will keep him safe. If Mookie ends up in the bottom three again this week, there is something wrong with the world!

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