Monday, August 04, 2008

Champion sport stacker Mark Dennis of Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Way back on March 4, I blogged about sport stacking, an activity where cups are stacked and unstacked at sometimes dizzying speeds. Following my post, I got a nice e-mail from Troy Dennis of Shelburne, Nova Scotia, who wrote:

"Our son, Mark, got involved in sport stacking about a year and a half ago through his school, Hillcrest Academy in Shelburne NS. Since then he has been practising 2-3 hours a day. Last fall he competed at a sanctioned event in Miramichi and set Canadian records for 11-yr-olds and overall. He just arrived back from the World Sport Stacking Championships in Denver, where he placed 2nd in the 3-6-3 for 11-yr-olds, and 3rd in the Cycle for 11-yr-olds. We are awaiting word on whether his times will set new Canadian records for these events. This week, our local weekly, The Coastguard, published an article on him, and the Chronicle Herald (which had previously run an article after setting the Canadian records) ran an update. On Monday he appeared on Live at 5, and C100 radio in Halifax featured him as their "Link of the Day""

This is great stuff! Congrats to Mark on all his success and my apologies for not posting this earlier. I had every intention of posting it and then it somehow slipped through the cracks. Here are some videos of Troy's son Mark for your viewing pleasure:

Amazing to watch! Congratulations to Mark!

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