Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mark Day eliminated from Canadian Idol

As I predicted, Mark Day was eliminated from Canadian Idol last night. No big surprise. After making an appearance in the bottom three last week, it was pretty clear that he'd started to overstay his welcome. Mark becomes the worst-placing Newfoundland and Labrador contestant since Canadian Idol began. Previous contestants from the province have all been eliminated later in the competition. Two of them - Rex Goudie and Craig Sharpe - have even reached the final!

Although Mark had improved greatly since his "Dancing in the Streets" debacle during David Bowie week, he could never quite shake the brand of "awfulness" that the performance sprayed on him like an angry skunk. Mark never stood a chance in this year's competition. With contestants such as Theo, Mookie and Amberly, it was clear early on that he was not a serious contender for the crown.

As for last night's final three, Mark and Earl definitely belonged there. Despite singing last, Earl was showing off so much that he came across as "annoyingly" weird rather than "charmingly" weird. There's a difference... the difference being that "annoyingly" weird doesn't get you votes.

As for Theo being in the bottom three... WTF??? Did fans flock to save Mookie from being in the bottom three again? I don't know. Or is Alberta moving en masse to supporting Amberly? (Amberly, Theo and Earl are all from Alberta.) Regardless, let's hope that Theo doesn't get elminated shockingly early like Greg Neufeld did last year.

Here's Mark Day's final performance - Bleeding Love.

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