Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Canadian Idol review and predictions for week of September 1, 2008


Hi everyone! The final two contestants will be announced on tonight’s Canadian Idol. It’s an exciting show for fans because we’re inching closer and closer to yet another grand finale – always the most exciting episode of the year.

Last night, our final three contestants paid tribute to Canadian rock legend Bryan Adams. All three had hits and misses.

Each contestant sang twice. In my opinion, here’s how they did:

Drew Wright was up first and sang Cuts Like a Knife. He did an excellent job and got rave reviews. Despite an almost complete lack of charisma, he manages to pull something great out of his hat every week.

Theo Tams sang second and chose Heaven. This was one of Theo’s greatest performances all season and had the crowd going crazy as well as each of the judges. Truly a great moment in Canadian Idol history. Excellent! Check it out:

Mitch MacDonald then took the stage to sing Heat of the Night. This was not Mitch’s best performance because he just wasn’t believable. I agreed 100% with the judges who mentioned that Mitch was just too likeable to sing such an “angry” song. He could pull off the singing, but not the emotion of the song.

Drew was up again with I’m Ready. In my opinion, this was a complete disaster from start to finish. It was fake, completely unbelievable and orchestrated. Why do contestants keep taking on songs that previous contestants aced? Greg Neufeld sang this last year and did such an amazing job that Zack ran up on stage to hug him. It was that good! Hated Drew’s version. Amberly Thiessen also tanked this year when she took on Space Oddity, which Jason Hoggard hit a homerun on in season two.

Here's Drew's version:

And Greg's:

I don't think there's a comparison. Greg's version was so much better!

Theo then took to the stage again with When You’re Gone. It was just “OK” and certainly didn’t impress me. It sounded too bluesy – and it just wasn’t appropriate. The judges weren’t crazy about it either, but all agreed that it was good enough to put him through to the final. I certainly agree with that.

Mitch closed the show with When You Love Someone, which was much more in sync with his style. I thought Mitch did very well. He really put forward the emotion needed. The close-ups of him singing showed him really giving it his all.

So who’s going home tonight? Well, there will not be a bottom two, so I’ll rank them like this:

1) Theo is definitely safe. I cannot imagine that he will not make it into the final. Earl’s elimination last week will see the Alberta vote flock to Theo, who’s also from Alberta. Theo would also benefit from a large national fan base.

2) Mitch has not been in the bottom two or three all season. Some people don’t care for his voice, but Zack was right when he said last night that he has a very distinctive voice that radio stations would love. Because he finished the show strong last night – and because he didn’t sing first (Drew did) – and because he’s never been in the bottom two or three – and because he has a strong following from the Maritimes, I predict that Mitch is safe.

3) That leaves Drew. Although he sang great during his first song, I hated his version of I’m Ready. Anyone who was comparing him to Greg Neufeld hated it, too, I’m sure. He's also been in the bottom two or three on a few occasions.

So it’s a Theo and Mitch finale, in my books!


Cynders said...

Well, I have to totally disagree with your comments about Drew - I loved Greg Neufeld - but I thought Drew's version of the song blew his away. Zack not withstanding. :-)

As far as Theo goes, I heard quite a few people jumping ship last night and changing their votes to Drew from Theo he was that unimpressive. And I like Theo.

I've been hoping for a Drew/Theo finale, but I'm afraid it might be a Drew/Mitch one.

Brian Cormier said...

Well, tonight's results were consistent with my predictions. That's all I can say. Muahahaha! But seriously? Drew was better than Greg? Oh wow... I couldn't disagree more.