Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Brian Murphy re-elected as Member of Parliament for Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe!

Congratulations to Brian Murphy who was re-elected this evening as the Member of Parliament for Moncton-Riverview Dieppe! It was a close and hard-fought election. Congratulations to all those who put forward their name for public office.


Brian Murphy (Liberal): 17,492
Daniel Allain (Conservative): 16,260
Carl Bainbridge (NDP): 7,589
Alison Ménard (Green): 4,037


nbt said...

That's quite a turnaround for the Tories in that riding. Not sure it all had to do with taxes either.

Brian Cormier said...

There are a million theories on both sides, I'm sure. The national Liberal campaign did a ton of damage locally. The carbon tax was discussed all over the place. Very difficult to sell... and it didn't sell. That's an idea for the scrap heap.