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No escape from getting out and moving

Hump Day
Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Moncton Times & Transcript
Page D6

Now that I've tackled the yoyo dieting monster and am on a firm and unwavering journey to my perfect weight, I've come to the conclusion that I need to start being more active to kick start my metabolism into high gear.

I've written about this in my "wishful thinking" days when I was trying to force myself into doing something by writing about it. If I wrote a column about going for a walk every day, I'd have to do it, right? (This is where the hysterical laugh track kicks in, folks.)

Well, it didn't work. I think I went for two walks and then decided to put it off for some reason that seemed good at the time: 1. I'd cut my toenails too short, putting me much too off-balance for walking; 2. I'd eaten salmon for supper and everyone knows it's a scientific fact that people who go for walks after eating salmon have a much higher ratio of dying in their sleep; 3. I didn't want to overexert myself after scarfing down 10,000 calories worth of treats from the bakery. And haven't you heard that walking on a full stomach causes endangered pandas to become constipated? You wouldn't want that on your conscience, now, would you?

I'm making a concerted effort to move more. After getting absurdly high estimates for clearing out the overgrown brush and trees in my back yard, I borrowed some tools and decided to do it myself. Since there was no reason that I couldn't do it myself, I did! (Being faced with highway robbery was a motivating factor, too!)

It took just under two hours to complete the job, minus the carting away. My back yard has never looked so good and I was proud of my accomplishment. I'm not a person who traditionally enjoys yard work, but I did feel a real sense of accomplishment after the task. There's nothing quite so energizing as giving a man a saw and a back yard full of overgrown trees. I felt like I'd regained total control of my environment!

I was half expecting Helen Reddy to show up on my doorstep singing, "I am woman, hear me roar," which would have probably been appropriate had I been female.

I'm also thinking of getting a dog. Although my two cats already drove a third out of the house, another dog wouldn't cause the cats' territorial urges to spring up, I hope, and they would grow to accept a dog. Taking a cat for a walk is usually not possible, although it's done. A dog would be a great motivator for getting out for walks! I'm looking at a Coton de Tuléar rescue right now. (If you're not sure what a Coton de Tuléar looks like, check out my blog.) They're small, hypoallergenic, love to walk, and their personalities even lend themselves to working as therapy dogs.

I just hope that if I decide that I have a place for dog in my life that the two cats don't gang up on the poor thing, although I'm pretty sure that a Coton would put them in their place pretty quickly! I'm an animal lover, but I don't want to disturb what is a perfect pet situation right now just for the sake of me going out for walks. I can walk on my own, of course, but having a canine along would be more fun.

Luckily, as I've aged, I've rid myself of many of those old exercise fears, even though I need to put this newfound maturity and bravery into practice.

One of the most negative impressions ever placed in my brain happened when I was a kid and trying to lose weight. At the urging of my father, I decided to take up jogging. I barely made it around the block when I heard some neighbour call out, "Fatty trying to lose weight?"

Needless to say, I stopped exercising. Several decades later, though, as a grown adult who's determined to be in my goal weight range, I'd love to meet that person again. The result of that exchange would be much different today.

"Fatty trying to lose weight?"

"Yup! Got something to say about that, buster? Is there some sort of idiotic know-it-all wisdom you'd like to bestow upon me in between picking your teeth with the flap of that matchbook, watching Jerry Springer reruns and getting ready to go out on a hot date with your own sister? And. . . oh. . . by the way, those teeth you're missing? They're embedded in my knuckles. Here you go! You can have them back. They were weighing me down anyway."

The bottom line is that I'm slowly coming to the acceptance that exercise is pretty much a mandatory aspect of ongoing permanent weight management, especially for those of us who have chosen -- for whatever reason -- not to incorporate it into our lives before. At one time, I was able to drop weight like crazy. I still lose weight relatively easily, but I desperately need to increase my metabolism so that it comes off faster.

Of course, I always knew that, but now that I'm bound and determined to fit into that bikini and have 14 months of successful weight loss behind me -- and more ahead! -- getting out and moving is essential. And considering the sense of accomplishment with my yard work over the weekend, it can also be joyful. Hmm. . . now, what about that dog?


PS to blog readers: I decided not to get a dog. :(

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Sandy Allen, world's tallest woman, dies at age 53

Sandy Allen passed away today at the age of 53.

Today's Hump Day column...

... is all about exercise and my slowly coming to the acceptance that it's a necessary (and joyful!) part of ongoing weight loss.

Check it out on the editorial page (pg. D6) of today's Moncton Times & Transcript. It will be posted online here tomorrow.

PS: When you read the column, just an update that I've decided not to get a dog at this time.

World's worst paramedic

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Canadian Idol predictions for the week of August 11, 2008

SPOILER ALERT: The name of the eliminated contestant is at the end of this post.

Hi everyone! Just a quick review of last night's show. Overall, it was really great! The past few weeks have been really awesome, so Canadian Idol fans can be happy about that. Unfortunately, there are no videos online of last night's performances (I knew I should have recorded it on my computer!), so unfortunately I can't highlight my favourites.

With that said, my favourites were Mitch MacDonald, Theo Tams and Mookie Morris. All three of these guys did an amazing job! Only Drew Wright was roundly criticized by the judges, but even he didn't do too badly!

My prediction for the bottom three tonight is: Amberly Thiessen, Earl Stevenson and Drew Wright, with Drew going home. Although he's never been in the bottom three yet this season, I just don't see Drew's appeal to the audience. No charisma. No set style. That doesn't mean he isn't talented, though. He's a great singer... but there's just no buzz around him at all when you compare him to the other singers. We could be in for a bit of a surprise, though, with one of the three Albertan singers going home - Amberly, Earl or Theo - which would be a shocking upset. If it's not Drew, however, it'll be Earl.

Let's see what happens tonight!


BOTTOM THREE: Earl, Amberly, Drew


This guy should rent himself out to dog owners!

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Singer Isaac Hayes found dead in home

Singer Isaac Hayes, who also voiced the character of "Chef" in South Park, was found dead in his home today by a family member. Hayes was found near a treadmill, leading one to assume that he died of a heart attack while exercising. He was 65. The official cause of death is not immediately known, however.

Here he is performing his big hit, the theme from Shaft: