Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Australian Idol stars...

Yesterday, I posted a clip by Dean Geyer from 2006. I looked up more past Australian Idol contestants on YouTube and found some awesome talent! Check these out:

2003 winner Guy Sebastian:

2003 runner-up Shannon Noll: (Couldn't find a decent Idol performance to post, so here's a professional video done afterwards.)

2004 winner Casey Donovan: (Youngest-ever winner.)

2004 runner-up Anthony Callea: (Listen to voice on that kid! His version of this song became the highest and fastest-selling single in Australian history.)

2005 winner Kate DeAraugo: (Her debut single.)

2005 runner-up Emily Williams:

2006 winner Damien Leith:

2006 runner-up Jessica Mauboy:

2007 winner Natalie Gauci:

2007 runner-up Matt Corby:

2008 winner Wes Carr:

2008 runner-up Luke Dickens:

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