Monday, June 22, 2009

Breaking news: New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham shuffles cabinet

Premier announces changes to cabinet

June 22, 2009

FREDERICTON (CNB) - A number of changes to cabinet were announced today by Premier Shawn Graham.

Graham said that these changes will provide long-serving senior ministers with new challenges and opportunities and strengthen the entire Executive Council as government works to put in place its five-point plan to strengthen New Brunswick's economy.

"I want to thank my seven colleagues for their hard work and their dedication to their portfolios," said Graham. "All of them have served our government and their departments admirably since we took office in the fall of 2006. I know they will carry out their new duties with the same level of dedication and commitment as we work together to strengthen our economy and bring New Brunswick closer to self-sufficiency."

Seven ministers will assume responsibility for new portfolios:

Victor Boudreau, minister of finance, becomes minister of Business New Brunswick;

Greg Byrne, minister of Business New Brunswick, becomes minister of finance (Energy Minister Jack Keir will assume duties as acting minister of finance until Byrne resumes duties following recent surgery);

T.J. Burke, minister of justice and consumer affairs and attorney general, becomes minister of environment;

Roland Haché, minister of environment, becomes minister of education;

Kelly Lamrock, minister of education, becomes minister of social development and minister responsible for housing. He remains minister responsible for the New Brunswick Provincial Capital Commission;

Michael Murphy, minister of health, becomes minister of justice and consumer affairs and attorney general. He remains government house leader; and

Mary Schryer, minister of social development, becomes minister of health. She remains minister responsible for the status of women.

"I want to especially thank Energy Minister Jack Keir for serving as acting minister for Business New Brunswick during Greg Byrne's recent absence," Graham said. "Once again, he stepped up to take on another demanding portfolio in addition to his already busy mandate as minister of energy."

The changes in portfolio are effective today.

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- Renée - said...

I hope Roland Haché will do better with Education than Kelly Lamrock did...