Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Who will Nova Scotians choose as their premier tonight?

My money's on the guy on the left, NDP leader Darrell Dexter. Current premier (and Progressive Conservative leader) Rodney MacDonald is in the middle, while Liberal leader Stephen McNeil is on the right. I think the NDP will win a majority of the 52 seats up for grabs and that the Liberals will likely form the official opposition.

The last provincial election was held in 2006, with the results as follows:

- Progressive Conservative: 23 seats (39.57% of the vote)
- NDP: 20 seats (34.63% of the vote)
- Liberal: 9 seats (23.44% of the vote)
- Green: 0 seats (2.33% of the vote)
- Other: 0 seats (0.44% of the vote)

For excellent coverage of tonight's election results, check out CBC Nova Scotia's website by clicking here.


- NDP: 31 seats (government)
- LIBERAL: 11 seats (opposition)

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