Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Historical series debuts September 8 on CBC Radio Moncton

Thanks to CBC Radio's Michael R. LeBlanc for sending this in:

"CBC Radio in Moncton has assembled a team of storytellers to share the hidden history of remarkable objects and landmarks that are part of the everyday landscape of the community.

In Plain Sight is a 15-part series that airs at about 6:50 a.m. on Tuesdays during the Information Morning (106.1 FM in Moncton, 97.9 FM in Bathurst and Miramichi, and 90.5 FM in Dalhousie and Campbellton).

The series is meant to be an audio bridge that links the "here and now" with the "back then". It airs from September 8 until December 15 and is produced by Michael R. LeBlanc. Here are the participants and tease of the stories they will be telling:

SEPTEMBER 8: "CERAMIC MURAL" -- Guest storyteller: Lawren Campbell is the provincial registrar for the New Brunswick Register of Historic Places. That large ceramic mural on Main Street in downtown Moncton. The one that's been there for more than 45 years? Well, if you hear today's installment of our historial series, In Plain Sight...you'll finally learn that it has a name.

SEPTEMBER 15: "HISTORIC TIM'S" -- Guest storyteller: Geoff Bell was an appraiser on CBC's Canadian Antiques Roadshow. It doesn't have a drive-thru. But our historical series takes you to a coffee shop in Moncton that's also a reminder of the city's rich banking history. Who knew that four Monctonians went on to become national presidents of their banks?

SEPTEMBER 22: "MIDDLE ISLAND" -- Guest storyteller: Paul McGraw, executive director of Miramichi Landings In Plain Sight....our series about objects and landmarks in the here and now that have meaning and history...takes us to a Celtic Cross on an Island in the Miramichi River.

SEPTEMBER 29: "MARSH CIRCLES" -- Guest storyteller: Donald Alward, manager and curator of the Albert County Museum in Hopewell Cape. The mystery of the Germantown "marsh circles" of Albert County....solved by our historical series, In Plain Sight.

OCTOBER 6: "SAXBY GALE" -- Guest storyteller: Brenda Orr, senior heritage officer for the city of Moncton. The Moncton landmark that's more of a sea mark....that tells a small part of the story of one of the most devastating storms to come our way.

OCTOBER 13: "ALIANT TOWER" -- Guest storyteller: Lawren Campbell. Tower power! Our historical series In Plain Sight has the backstory about Moncton's tallest building.

OCTOBER 20: "QUEEN'S COURT" -- Guest storyteller: Geoff Bell. The condominium complex with the regal name. Our historical series delves into the history of Queen's Court in Moncton.

OCTOBER 27: "STRAWBERRY MARSH" -- Guest storyteller: Paul McGraw. Let me take you down 'cause we're going to Strawberry...Marsh. That's with the help of Miramichi history buff Paul McGraw.

NOVEMBER 3: "R.A.F. BASE 31" -- Guest storyteller: Brenda Orr. Today's subject has all but disappeared from sight in Moncton. But the remnants are there if you know where to look. You'll hear about the R.A.F. base that used to dominate the Collishaw area of the city.

NOVEMBER 10: "HOPEWELL CANNONS" -- Guest storyteller: Donald Alward. Some cannons in Albert County stand silent...but they tell a reverberating story about the region's service and sacrifice.

NOVEMBER 17: "RINK RUINS" -- Guest storyteller: Lawren Campbell. It's not the Acropolis...nor the Roman coliseum. But Moncton does have some ruins. You'll hear it's backstory on another installment of Information Morning's historical series, In Plain Sight.

NOVEMBER 24: "MONCTON STADIUM" -- Guest storyteller: Geoff Bell. With lots of talk in the air about replacing the Moncton Coliseum....our In Plain Sight series takes us to the sports venue that the Coliseum itself replaced.

DECEMBER 1: "BEAUBEAR'S ISLAND" -- Guest storyteller: Paul McGraw. A way station on the Acadian trail of tears. In Plain Sight takes us to Beaubear's Island on the Miramichi River.

DECEMBER 8: "GYPSUM SILOS" -- Guest storyteller: Donald Alward. Our historical series delves into the backstory of twin concrete towers in Albert County.

DECEMBER 15: "FREE MEETING HOUSE" -- Guest storyteller: Brenda Orr. The Free Meeting House. You'll find out why it's painted yellow. That and many more things about God's incubator mall for religion in Moncton.

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