Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kevjumba: He's got a new channel

One of YouTube's most popular vloggers - Kevjumba - has a new channel: JumbaFund...

Check it out here and subscribe!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Barats and Bereta: Got your number

These two guys are absolutely hilarious...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

American Idol: Idol Chatter for Thursday, May 14, 2009

Well, the top two have finally been chosen and long-time frontrunner Adam Lambert will face off against Kris Allen, the underdog who sailed through to the final after Danny Gokey's elimination on last night's show. Danny had never been in the bottom three, but he couldn't dodge the Adam juggernaut and Kris's slow and steady climb to the top of the heap.

Danny's story certainly touched many people and I'm sure everyone wishes him well. He was a class act and is sure to have a big career ahead of him!

Tune in to American Idol on Fox next Tuesday at 9 p.m. Atlantic / 8 p.m. Eastern to see Adam and Kris duke it out for the title of American Idol 2009! Whose fans are more motivated to vote? Will Danny's fans flock to Kris? Will the tremendous buzz surrounding Adam translate into victory? Whatever happens, it will be fun to watch.

National 'do not call list' is one colossal joke

Hump Day
By Brian Cormier
Moncton Times & Transcript
Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Editorial page

Well, apparently Canada's National Do Not Call List is just one big colossal joke, eh? Like many Canadians, I absolutely loved the idea and signed up all my telephone numbers right away. This was an excellent example of a positive, pro-active federal government initiative that would court favour with a vast majority of people.

Little did we know, however, that the list of registered numbers was being sold. Now, a bunch of con artists have been calling me and everyone I know incessantly about lowering the interest rates on their credit cards.

If you signed up for the list like I did, you've probably been receiving several of these calls weekly. I know I have. They're driving me absolutely crazy. My telephone has been ringing off the hook -- sometimes up to three times per day with the message to "press 3" if I want to be removed from their list (I've pressed "3" a million times by now and the calls keep coming) or "press 1" to speak to an operator.

Since pressing "3" wasn't working, I decided to press "1". Surely some nice person on the other end of the line would help me. Surely they were reasonable and would listen to me. Unfortunately, after the kabillionth-and-a-half time they called, I snapped. I pressed "1" and unleashed a screaming torrent of profanities that had mothers in the middle of the Sahara desert covering their children's ears and glaring at me to watch my potty mouth.

After I screamed (literally!) into the telephone, I hung up. That would give them the hint that I did not want to receive any more of their bloody calls. In fact, the calls did stop for about five days. I guess they just decided that I needed a little break before trying again. Perhaps their eardrums had recovered from the tongue-lashing I gave them.

On day six, my telephone rang again with my old friends on the other end of the line -- the nice people who want to reduce my credit card interest rates. This time, I pressed "1" again to speak to an operator. I thought, "Well, I'll be nice this time." I'd felt guilty the first time because I thought of some poor creature at the other end of the line just trying to make a living to put food in their children's tummies or paying for that operation that grandma needed in order to keep playing bingo.

The operator answered. "Hi," I said, "could you please take me off your calling list?" Expecting a nice acknowledgement and an apology for bothering me, I had every intention of taking down the nice lady's name and address so that I could add her to my Christmas card list. We would then become fast friends, eventually getting married, having children and riding off on a white stallion into the sunset.

My guilt from the previous screamfest disappeared quickly when the "nice" operator promptly slammed the telephone down on me after I very politely requested to be removed from their list.

Immediately, my thoughts turned to Bugs Bunny and one of his favourite sayings, "Of course you know, this means war!" And this is exactly what I'm doing. So some scumbag bunch of con artists from a foreign country wants to keep calling me, do they? Well let's see how they'll do after I launch the following tactics and finally get pulled from their list. Here are some of the ways I plan to go about this. Let me state from the beginning that I am in no way making fun of anyone. I'm just trying to frustrate them into stop calling me.

First, I'll pretend that I'm not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. A friend of mine did this and kept them on the telephone for a good 10-15 minutes as the vultures tried in vain to sign him up for something despite the fact that it was clear that he did not have the mental capacity to understand. (He was faking it, but they didn't know this. They passed him along to several supervisors before they finally gave up. Their determination in trying to get his credit card numbers was an astonishing look into how they are morally bankrupt.)

If that doesn't work, I'll be as sweet as pie and ask them to hold the line while I go check something cooking on the stove. Of course, I will (supposedly) set myself on fire and run around screaming for help. Something tells me that they'll just hang up on me, though. But if they didn't, I'd just come back to the telephone and tell them that I want them to stay on the telephone with me while I wait for the fire trucks to arrive.

Of course, because I live in an igloo in the middle of the Arctic (would they even know the difference?), it could take a few hours for the rescue people to arrive.

Another option: try to set up a date with whoever the operator is. Girl or guy, I don't care. I'll pour on the charm and eventually tell them that I've fallen in love during the call and ask them out on a date. I can come across as a complete nutjob when I want to (and, unfortunately, even when I don't want to). "I want to have your babies!"... that should get them to ban me permanently, especially if it's a guy.

Or maybe I'll just start crying and tell them all my (imagined) troubles. My dog died. My goldfish has arthritis in its fins. The insides of my eyelids are itchy. My hair is falling out in big patches. (No... a bit too close to home, that one.)

So, because my choices have become quite desperate at this point, I basically have to resort to lying and exaggerating in order to get these criminally harassing calls to stop. These people are cons. They're fundamentally dishonest and they're rude. If they were legitimate, they wouldn't be.

And they wouldn't be hanging up on people who are politely asking to be removed from their list. In that case, if it's war they want, it's war they'll get.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This week's Hump Day column...

... is about telemarketing scams and how Canada's National Do Not Call List is a complete farce. I once thought, "Finally! An excellent government decision that EVERONE will love!" But then... they sold the damn list to a bunch of scam artists from the U.S. who've been calling Canadians incessantly for weeks to "help them" (supposedly) lower the interest rates on their credit cards.

Check out my column on the editorial page of today's Moncton Times & Transcript or return here tomorrow when it will be posted online.

Remember... if it's Wednesday, it's Hump Day!

American Idol: Idol Chatter for Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tonight, three become two. Next week is the much-anticipated finale as either Kris Allen, Danny Gokey or Adam Lambert is crowned the new American Idol 2009. Last night, each contestant performed a song chosen by the judges in addition to a song of their own choosing.

I have a hard time believing that Danny won't be in the final. He has a large and motivated fan base and has never been in the bottom three. Adam's bottom two appearance a few weeks ago was likely the best thing that ever happened to him because his fan base knows that his safety cannot be taken for granted. Also, judge Simon Cowell and the other judges have been quite vocal in their hopes that Adam will win. Allison Iraheta's fans will likely move over to supporting Adam, too.

Then there's Kris. He's been a continous underdog, a great guy, awsome singer, but I just don't see him in the finale.

Ratings-wise, I think a Danny-Adam finale is what the producers would love to see. I also think that those who like Kris will like Danny more... so I'm predicting that Kris will be eliminated tonight.

Click here to read my Idol Chatter column in today's Moncton Times & Transcript.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miss Panama contestant Giosue Cozzarelli: not the brightest bulb in the chandelier

Britain's Got Talent's Greg Pritchard

Like Simon said, this is like a dog meowing. Not what anyone expected at all!

More Australian Idol stars...

Yesterday, I posted a clip by Dean Geyer from 2006. I looked up more past Australian Idol contestants on YouTube and found some awesome talent! Check these out:

2003 winner Guy Sebastian:

2003 runner-up Shannon Noll: (Couldn't find a decent Idol performance to post, so here's a professional video done afterwards.)

2004 winner Casey Donovan: (Youngest-ever winner.)

2004 runner-up Anthony Callea: (Listen to voice on that kid! His version of this song became the highest and fastest-selling single in Australian history.)

2005 winner Kate DeAraugo: (Her debut single.)

2005 runner-up Emily Williams:

2006 winner Damien Leith:

2006 runner-up Jessica Mauboy:

2007 winner Natalie Gauci:

2007 runner-up Matt Corby:

2008 winner Wes Carr:

2008 runner-up Luke Dickens:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Australian Idol clip

I've posted a version of this before, but it's kind of fun to see how other Idol shows look and feel. This is Dean Geyer from Australian Idol's disco week theme aired on October 6, 2006. (Dean eventually finished third.)

More Britain's Got Talent contestants...

We've all heard about Susan Boyle, but here are a few other notable contestants from this year's edition of the U.K.'s Britain's Got Talent show:

Shaun Smith:

Callum Francis:

Mr. Methane:

Stavros Flatley:

Flawless (these guys are AMAZING!):