Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In memoriam: Kate McGarrigle (1946-2010)

Canadian folk singer Kate McGarrigle passed away from cancer yesterday at the young age of 63. She was the mother of singers Rufus Wainwright and Martha Wainwright and one-half of a popular folk duo along with her sister, Anna.

You may remember Kate and Anna McGarrigle from their song in the National Film Board of Canada's very popular animated short "The Log Driver's Waltz":

Here is her son Rufus Wainwright singing Hallelujah, a melancholic song for such a sad day.

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Paul Melanson said...

I never knew "The Log Driver's Waltz" was sung by Kate & Anna McGarrigle! Hearing of Kate McGarrigle's passing made me think of some of their songs, the favorite of which I would have to say is "Love Over and Over" from the album of the same name in 1983. I just went to purchase it on the iTunes Store. I didn't know that Mark Knopfler played guitar on that song! Listening to 1998s "The McGarrigle Hour" as I write this. A sad day for for her family, fans, and Canadian music in general.