Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Idol Chatter - Top 12 girls' performance show aired February 23, 2010

Last night, the Top 12 girls sang their hearts out on the first performance show of the 2010 season of American Idol. Most sang OK. A couple sang very well. One sang very badly... one of the favourites, in fact.

Two girls will be sent packing tomorrow night. I think Janell Wheeler and Lacey Brown are in trouble. Janell was forgettable and didn’t do well. Nothing special enough about her or memorable. I didn’t think her performance was that great and the judges’ comments were harsh. Much was expected from Lacey Brown in her second chance to make the Top 12 this year. Unfortunately, she had a complete meltdown on “Landslide”. I remembered her last night, but because she was bad.

Click here to read today's edition of Idol Chatter in the Moncton Times & Transcript. Columns will also appear tomorrow and Friday after the Top 12 guys' performances and the results show, respectively.

Tune in to Fox tonight at 9 p.m. Atlantic (8 p.m. Eastern) to see the Top 12 guys sing!

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