Thursday, February 25, 2010

Idol Chatter - Top 24 results show aired February 25, 2010

As with every season on American Idol, there are shocker eliminations. Mostly, these occur later in the season, but I really felt that there were two shocker eliminations last night after Tim Urban and Jermaine Sellers (my predictions for elimination) were spared when two other male contestants were sent home -- contestants that, in no way, deserved to go this early... especially one of them who's been a fan favourite since the auditions.

One of my predictions, thankfully (for me, not for her) was accurate. Janell Wheeler earned the reputation of being the first contestant of the season sent home by voters. Lacey Brown, shockingly, was spared being shown the door, even though most reviewers pegged her for elimination.

The name of the two male contestants and the one female contestant I hadn't predicted? Well, if you didn't watch the show, you'll have to click here to read my Idol Chatter column in today's edition of the Moncton Times & Transcript to find out!

The Top 20 perform next week when another four contestants will be eliminated. On Tuesday, the 10 girls perform, while the 10 guys perform on Wednesday. Results will be announced on Thursday. All shows air at 9 p.m. Atlantic (8 p.m. Eastern) on Fox.

CORRECTION TO COLUMN: Tyler "O'Grady" should have been "Grady". My apologies for the error.

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