Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Moncton's Vien Dong Restaurant closed due to health violations

After last weekend's tragic fire at Moncton's popular Château à Pape Restaurant, another well-known local eating establishment is experiencing a different kind of trouble: health inspectors.

A friend on Facebook who works on Main Street mentioned that she noticed that the Vien Dong Restaurant (Vietnamese and Thai food) at 880 Main Street has been closed since yesterday.

After visiting the online version of the restaurant's latest inspection report, it became quite evident that the place is in dire need of pulling up its bootstraps and has been closed until it complies with a numerous amount of infractions. Click here for a copy of yesterday's inspection report.

I've eaten there many times and have greatly enjoyed it. I hope they get their act together and re-open soon.


UPDATE - MAY 16, 2010:

According to the latest NB Dept. of Health inspection report online, the restaurant has a clean bill of health.

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