Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My top five most popular blog posts in 2009

I went through my stats recently to see what was popular in 2009. Here are my top five blog posts with the most hits in 2009:

#5: Making poutine râpée in Leominster, Mass. (posted November 7, 2008): I run the very popular "The Official Acadian Poutine Râpée Facebook Group" and am always on the lookout for poutine râpée-related news stories. My Google alert brought up this story from the Leominster Champion one day and I reprinted it for local readers. (Just a quick note: The actual #5 was on another topic, but the video I blogged about is no longer available.)

#4: Make cool stuff with duct tape (posted February 19, 2007): I just happened to find a site that showed people how to make neat stuff with duct tape and decided to blog about it. It's been creating traffic for me ever since.

#3: Moncton's AC/DC concert cancelled because of Pope Benedict VI's visit to the city! (posted April 1, 2009): My annual April Fool's posting nearly caused a few heart attacks among AC/DC fans when I "announced" that the concert was cancelled because the pope had decided to visit Moncton on that very same day.

#2: Cindy Day to replace Peter Coade as ATV's meteorologist (posted September 4, 2007): There continued to be a huge amount of interest in this blog post in 2009 after popular CTV Atlantic meteorologist Peter Coade retired (actually, he ended up at CBC) and Global's Cindy Day jumped ship to move over to CTV -- even though all this happened in 2007!

#1: Joey Heatherton is 63 today (posted September 14, 2007): I have no idea why, but this post consistently gets a significant number of hits every single day. It was nearly five times more popular in 2009 as the #2 post on the list. I'm baffled. I recently updated the video because the previous one had been taken down by YouTube. If a post is getting that much traffic, I'll make sure the video is working! The post is even getting commented on by people who know her. This was the #5 most popular post of 2008, but the hits it got in 2009 were more than triple the 2008 traffic. Go figure! (It should also be noted that -- when taking into account all stats since the first day of this blog in 2006 -- this post is by far the most popular of all nearly 2,600 posts since day one.)

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