Monday, February 15, 2010

Youth launch national petition to amend Criminal Code to include bullying

WOODSTOCK, N.B. – Rob Frenette and Katie Neu, founders of, a youth-based anti-bullying group are very pleased to announce the official launch of a national petition asking the Government of Canada to introduce legislation on the issue of bullying. This is their second national petition.

Katie Neu, 17, of Kitchener, Ontario, hopes this will bring attention to the issue of bullying across Canada. “Personally, I know the effects of bullying and this petition proposing that the government introduce amendments to the Criminal Code to add bullying is long overdue,” she said.

The petitions were circulated last week and will be presented in the House of Commons by Tobique-Mactaquac member of Parliament Mike Allen.

Rob Frenette, 20, of Woodstock, New Brunswick, hopes that all Canadians, young and old, will take part in signing the petition in their community.

“This petition will affect everyone in Canada. Many people have experienced bullying at least once in their life and, hopefully, with this petition, new legislation can be proposed,” he said.

Anyone interested in receiving a copy of the anti-bullying legislation petition may contact Rob or Katie by e-mail at

Individuals or representatives from all areas, workplaces, communities and schools are invited to get involved with this project.

Anyone interested in receiving more information may send an email to:

Media contacts:

Rob Frenette

Katie Neu

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