Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This week's Hump Day column...

... is about confused feelings of getting exposure after the national media came calling last week following a column I wrote on a Moncton-area woman who'd been missing for a month.

On the same day I wrote the column, she escaped from her alleged kidnapper and found her way back into the arms of her very relieved family (via a courier truck driver who drove her to the police). Wanting to interview a local person who was following the ordeal, two national media outlets called me. I also appeared on a provincial newscast.

I felt guilty about getting exposure over this, but was I supposed to say "No!" to these high-profile interview opportunities?

Read Hump Day in the editorial section of today's Moncton Times & Transcript, New Brunswick's largest-circulation newspaper. It will be posted online here tomorrow.

And remember... if it's Wednesday, it's Hump Day!

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