Thursday, April 01, 2010

BULLETIN: Pope Benedict XVI resigns; Moncton archbishop elevated to papacy

In shocking news overnight, Pope Benedict XVI became the first pope in nearly 600 years to resign, following an expense claim scandal that has rocked the Church to its very core in the past couple of days. The former pope will remain in the Vatican as a special advisor.

In even more shocking news, an emergency meeting of cardinals elevated a non-cardinal to the position of Il Papa Resplendente ("The Resplendent Pope"), a rarely used term for a pope named outside of the College of Carinals. Archbishop André Richard of the Archdiocese of Moncton was called to Rome late yesterday under a curtain of secrecy and security to be installed as the so-called Resplendent Pope. A full meeting of the College of Cardinals is expected to take place later in April to make the appointment official. Afterwards, the term "Resplendent Pope" will revert simply to "Pope".

Archbishop Richard has reportedly taken the name of Pope John Paul III, likely due to Pope John Paul II's visit to Moncton in 1984, but this will only be confirmed when the new pontiff meets pilgrims in St. Peter's Square later today.

The first Canadian pope is from New Brunswick! Who would have guessed?

Click here for full news coverage on BBC.


Wilda said...

Excellent news Brian. With all your Moncton connections, surely this means you will have your own column in Catholic Digest? ;-)

Brian Cormier said...

LOL @ Wilda! Yes... "101 Excuses for Not Going to Church"