Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Is France's now-famous McDonald's "gay commercial" really trying to sell you hamburgers?

Or is it purely a branding exercise trying to appeal to young people, potential employees and their youth customer base? Me thinks it's purely a branding exercise. This ad is about feelings and perception, not about the food.

I've heard many commentators wondering why this ad is running at all. Well... it's being talked about all over the world and shown for free on newscasts, talk shows, blogs, etc.

Now, you tell me... did McDonald's get its money's worth? The people outside Frence who would hate the ad can "rest easy" that it's not being shown in their country. The people who love the ad get to see it regularly on every talk show, etc.

Again... did McDonald's get its money's worth?

I think so. A brilliant strategy, if you ask me.

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