Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who was demolishing this building... Mickey Mouse?

From CBC News: "The owner of a downtown Vancouver property under scrutiny after YouTube videos captured a botched demolition says he won't comment on what happened until the investigation is complete. The incident made headlines Friday after two videos on YouTube showed two walls of a building under demolition being knocked onto a city street."

Click here for the story and check out the YouTube videos below:

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Paul Melanson said...

Holy Crap! I looked at the second video since I thought it was like the first but just a different angle. I couldn't believe a guy was walking in front of the wall just before it collapsed! And then I looked at the first video and saw that it was another wall that fell down also. The company doing this work should be demolished into oblivion! It almost seems like a bunch of incompetent fly-by-night operators who had no idea what they were doing!