Saturday, September 25, 2010

Recipe book from Moncton's former Cy's Seafood Restaurant

Those of you who either grew up in Moncton or visited Moncton often surely remember the old Cy's Seafood Restaurant which existed on the site of the current Ch√Ęteau Moncton.

I thought I would share with you the scans of an old recipe book that my mother has. They are all tried and true! Not a big fan of splitting a live lobster in half, but let's overlook that recipe (broiled lobster), shall we?

Recipes include:

- Lobster newburg
- Stuffed oysters
- Baked stuffed shrimp
- Spaghetti carbonara
- Meat sauce
- Broiled lobster
- Barbecue spareribs
- Manicotti
- Chicken cacciatore and noodles
- Seafood casserole
- Spaghetti alle vangale
- Lasagne
- Shrimp newburg
- Oyster fiorentina
- Minestrone soup
- Pear parfait

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Rose said...

The boiled lobster recipe looks just like something I had one time when our local priest/friend invited us for supper. It looked strange to have a "stuffed" lobster, but I remember it being very good.

Bernard said...

It's none of my business but isn't that stuff copyrighted?

I like your blog by the way, lots of colors.

Brian Cormier said...

Thanks, Bernard.

I saw no copyright claim on the booklet. I assume it was a giveaway to customers. If someone has information to the contrary, let me know and I'll remove it -- otherwise, I consider it to be in the public domain.

Julia said...

Since Cy's no longer exists, I expect these recipes are probably in the public domain. You're right, it was probably a giveaway and I'm sure they encouraged copying it and passing it around. The recommendation for Chateau Gai Alpenweiss with the Lobster Newberg kind of grossed me out though - I guess it shows the state of the Candian wine industry back in the day. I think if I were serving this dish, I'd serve it with a dry reisling, particularly the Pelee Island Dry Reisling - it's the best Canadian wine to serve with seafood (imho)

Nancy said...

Thank you! Thank You! I have been searching for years for the Jumbo Stuffed Shrimp recipe from Cy's Seafood. I wrote to the former chef, John Sperenza a few years ago, only to find out he had passed away. I look forward to trying out some of these recipes, they bring back some fond memories of the wonderful times we had at Cy's. Thanks for sharing these with us.


brysn4 said...

THANK YOU !!!!! I have been looking for the recipe for seafood casserole since they closed Cy's down..I LOVED that stuuf, and thanks to you I can now enjoy it again