Friday, October 08, 2010

Moncton High School students and staff to be moved

This is the text of a news release issued today by School District 2:

"Students and staff will be moved out of Moncton High School for the remainder for the school year, District 2 Superintendent Karen Branscombe announced today.

The move is to allow for a thorough assessment and remediation of concerns about the state of the building.

“We have had more than 240 work orders from this school in the last year and a half, and a list of concerns that continues to grow,” Branscombe said. “Moving staff and students out will allow us to do a thorough assessment and properly address concerns. It’s simply more efficient for both those doing the remediation and for those trying to teach and learn.”

District 2 has been working on a contingency plan which will be implemented in two phases. At the end of October, grade 11 and 12 students and teachers will move to Edith Cavell Community School. A total of 235 kindergarten-grade eight students will move to Queen Elizabeth School to make room for the additional Moncton High School students.

On November 15, grade 9 and 10 students will begin at the new Northrop Frye School. Students from Magnetic Hill and Evergreen Park schools had been scheduled to move into the new school in 2011. Instead, the schools, which have been operating as one school, will readjust to operate as two separate schools with some slight changes to class make-up.

Parents are being notified by voice mail of the changes and are encouraged to check school and District websites. Further details will also be sent home with students next week when school reopens. Public meetings will also be held at each of the impacted schools."

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