Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kevjumba: Most exciting job ever!

Kevjumba is one of the more entertaining YouTubers. Love it when he talks about this parents! :)

Reminder: Moncton's "Mission Possible: Haïti" concert scheduled for Friday, February 26

Don't forget the awesome upcoming "Mission Possible: Haïti" concert at the Wesleyan Celebration Centre in Moncton on Friday, February 26, at 7 p.m. Proceeds from the event will go toward helping the victims of the January 12th earthquake in Haïti.

Click on the photo for a larger version.

For more information about Mission Possible: Haïti, contact:

Jennifer Marr
Community Promotions Officer
Advance Savings Credit Union
Tel: 506-384-1880 ext. 134
Cell: 506-381-8244

For more information on the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce's overall Mission Possible initiative contact:

Paula Morand
GMCC Marketing & Communications
Tel: 506-860-0227

Friday, February 12, 2010

Veteran Sesame Street actress severely injured after being hit by car

Veteran Sesame Street actress Loretta Long, 69, who's been with the PBS children's show since its debut in 1969, was struck by a car on Wednesday in New Jersey and severely injured after being carried nearly 70 feet. Long, who has PhD in urban education, suffered head and leg injuries but is expected to recover. While various media reports state her age at 71, her Wikipedia biography has her being 69. Click here for a news story on the accident.

Frisbee inventor dies

Like everything else, that relatively simple toy we played with as kids was actually invented by someone. Walter Fredrick Morrison (shown above), the man credited with inventing the Frisbee, has died. He was 90. Click here for more from CBC News.

The name of the Frisbee was original the "Pluto Platter". Click here for the official Frisbee website.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Being single on Valentine's Day is like...

Hump Day
By Brian Cormier
Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Moncton Times & Transcript
Editorial section

Being single on Valentine's Day is like being Jewish at Christmas... white during Black History Month... French on St. Patrick's Day... Canadian on the Fourth of July... an atheist on Good Friday. You get the drift.

While others either celebrate or drop to their knees in reverent prayer, you're on the outs. It's like being broke and going window shopping. You can take a look, but you can't touch.

Unless Cupid strikes me in the heart with his little arrow between now and Sunday, I will be spending the day sobbing into my pillow and trying to figure out a way to kill myself with my toothbrush. (I'm scared of knives.) I wonder how long it would take to brush myself to death? Probably a long time, and I don't think I'm that patient.

Or maybe I could take too much strong cough syrup and sleep through the day.

Yeah, for we singles, Valentine's Day can be a bad time if you let it get to you. I'm one of those people who faithfully sends cards to friends and family for special events such as birthdays and holidays. I love buying greeting cards. So when I see scads of people browsing the card aisles for that special note for their sweetie, I feel a tinge of sadness and regret that this is one holiday that doesn't include me and my card-buying ways -- at least for this year.

Oh sure, I could send a Valentine's Day card to my mother, but that's kind of creepy. Maybe I could send one to my nieces and nephews, but that would only get me thrown in jail if I happened to mistakenly send a risqué card that I picked up in a rush. I can just imagine my sister calling after I inadvertently sent an inappropriate card to my four-year-old nephew. "Uhm, was there a reason why your card said, 'I can't wait to get your sexy body alone tonight?' I'm calling the cops!"

Well, then maybe I could find love in jail! Oh, I don't know. I've heard stories about what happens in jail. I'd rather be crying into a pillow. Actually, that doesn't sound much different than what happens during "dates" in jail anyway.

I suppose I could do what all those self-help gurus advise. I could set up a nice dinner for myself. A glass of wine. A nice steak. Some candles. A dozen roses. I could even buy a card for myself. "Little Billy Bunny wants you to have a very happy Valentine's Day." Oh, that's where my nephew's card went. Mixed up the envelopes.

I've spoken to other singles who have a hard time getting through Valentine's Day. They bemoan the fact that they're not dating anyone on a day when having a date is a must. I say we all get together and pray for a three-day snowstorm . . . enough to ruin the holiday for everyone. We're lonely and we're bitter. Don't make us angrier than we are.

Why don't we just make Valentine's Day illegal? After all, lovers get every day of the year to spend time together and go on dates. Why should they throw it in singles' faces on Feb. 14? Is there a Singles Day, when people send cards to their single friends and congratulate them on being able to leave their dirty clothes all over the house without anyone nagging them to pick them up?

"On this Singles Day, I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you have no one in your life who cares enough." Yeah, thanks.

Now, it's really not so bad being single. There's no one around to nag. You've grown accustomed to sleeping alone with only a full-size body pillow to keep you company. (Note to self: Body pillow's therapy session is rescheduled to next week.) And if you drop dead while watching television, there's no one running around all upset . . . well, at least not right away. That'll happen about a week later after you don't show up at work and someone finally notices and cares enough to call the police.

In all seriousness, I don't really care if I'm single. I've never been a "relationship" person. Other people just get on my nerves sometimes. The thought of spending the rest of my life with someone whose habits drive me crazy is not appealing. Face it, we all know people who bicker so much that you wonder why they even stay together. Others don't bicker. In fact, they don't speak at all!

Valentine's Day is truly a day for lovers, and we singles will just have to accept that. Besides, wishing ill will on others is no way to improve the world. I love being single, actually. There's no one to feel obligated to.

There's no one whose habits I need to pretend to even tolerate. And there are no expensive gifts to buy. I can do what I want without being beholden to anyone.

Sure, being part of a couple would be nice sometimes. There's companionship. There's the love. There's knowing there's someone to share life's ups and downs with. There are the more intimate benefits, too. (Cover your eyes, kids!)

The secret to all of this is to be happy wherever you're at. There are miserable singles. There are happy singles. There are couples who complete each other and who make each other happy. There are couples who create nothing but chaos and misery together. Wherever you're at in life, learn something from it. Well, maybe if you're in a chaotic and miserable couple, you may want to do something about that.

If you're single and find Valentine's Day particularly difficult, just hunker down and handle it. The world's not going to end. Go to bed early. Read a book. Go to a movie with another single friend. Heck, go to two movies in one night! Why not?

After all, just ask yourself this: If a single person cries into their pillow on Valentine's Day, does anybody hear?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Charlieissocoollike trying baby food

This week's Hump Day column...

... is about being single on Valentine's Day. Should people who are single stay home and cry? Should they go out with friends? Should they do something nice for themselves?

And if you do stay home to cry because you're not part of a couple, does anybody hear?

Check out this week's Hump Day column in the editorial section of the Moncton Times & Transcript, New Brunswick's largest-circulation daily newspaper. It will be posted online here tomorrow.

Remember... if it's Wednesday, it's Hump Day!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Low-carb recipe video: Bird seed porridge

This is a video for a delicious version of low-carb / gluten-free / sugar-free hot cereal called bird seed porridge.

Click here for a revised version of the recipe that I originally posted last year.

My top five most popular blog posts in 2009

I went through my stats recently to see what was popular in 2009. Here are my top five blog posts with the most hits in 2009:

#5: Making poutine râpée in Leominster, Mass. (posted November 7, 2008): I run the very popular "The Official Acadian Poutine Râpée Facebook Group" and am always on the lookout for poutine râpée-related news stories. My Google alert brought up this story from the Leominster Champion one day and I reprinted it for local readers. (Just a quick note: The actual #5 was on another topic, but the video I blogged about is no longer available.)

#4: Make cool stuff with duct tape (posted February 19, 2007): I just happened to find a site that showed people how to make neat stuff with duct tape and decided to blog about it. It's been creating traffic for me ever since.

#3: Moncton's AC/DC concert cancelled because of Pope Benedict VI's visit to the city! (posted April 1, 2009): My annual April Fool's posting nearly caused a few heart attacks among AC/DC fans when I "announced" that the concert was cancelled because the pope had decided to visit Moncton on that very same day.

#2: Cindy Day to replace Peter Coade as ATV's meteorologist (posted September 4, 2007): There continued to be a huge amount of interest in this blog post in 2009 after popular CTV Atlantic meteorologist Peter Coade retired (actually, he ended up at CBC) and Global's Cindy Day jumped ship to move over to CTV -- even though all this happened in 2007!

#1: Joey Heatherton is 63 today (posted September 14, 2007): I have no idea why, but this post consistently gets a significant number of hits every single day. It was nearly five times more popular in 2009 as the #2 post on the list. I'm baffled. I recently updated the video because the previous one had been taken down by YouTube. If a post is getting that much traffic, I'll make sure the video is working! The post is even getting commented on by people who know her. This was the #5 most popular post of 2008, but the hits it got in 2009 were more than triple the 2008 traffic. Go figure! (It should also be noted that -- when taking into account all stats since the first day of this blog in 2006 -- this post is by far the most popular of all nearly 2,600 posts since day one.)

Monday, February 08, 2010

Tomorrow: Top five blog posts in 2009

Tomorrow, I'll be publishing a list of the five blog posts (of the nearly 2,600 so far!) on Brian Cormier's Blogtastic World! that received the most traffic in 2009.

The #1 post still surprises me. I have no idea why it is the one it is. If someone knows the answer after they see it, please let me know!

Stay tuned tomorrow when the top five list will be posted!

When Tiger Woods searches Google

Snickers Commercial - Betty White - Super Bowl 44 Spot

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Roads very bad between Moncton and Fredericton

The roads are very bad between Moncton and Fredericton, folks, so be careful. People on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are reporting many accidents and treacherous driving. Check out this video taken earlier today by YouTuber Newschaser... and the roads only got worse afterwards!

Best 2010 Superbowl Ads (I Wear No Pants)