Saturday, March 13, 2010

Put your clocks ahead by one hour before bed tonight!

Daylight time (NOT "daylight saving/savings time) begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 14 (tomorrow morning). Remember to put your clocks AHEAD by one hour before you go to bed tonight!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Exciting news for Idol Chatter readers!

Starting next week, my weekly Idol Chatter column will also appear in Fredericton's The Daily Gleaner! A hearty welcome to Gleaner readers and American Idol fans in the Fredericton area! I hope you enjoy reading the column as much as I enjoy writing it.

Thank God it's Friday!

Betcha haven't heard THIS in ages...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Idol Chatter - Recap of Top 16 results show aired March 11, 2010

Last night, four contestants were sent home and -- finally -- this year's Top 12 were chosen after thousands of auditions and more than two months of shows.

Only one of the eliminations last night -- Todrick Hall -- was not a surprise. Several reviewers, including me, predicted his demise. The other three eliminations, however, were either a mild surprise or -- in one case -- a fall-on-the-floor shocker.

Let's just say that Katie Stevens and Paige Miles are in the Top 12. If you're surprised at that -- you'll be SHOCKED to read who did NOT make it on the girls' side.

As for the boys, a well-loved and endearing contestant sang his final song last night in a very emotional good-bye. What a shame to see him go. We all grew to like him a lot... and he had an awesome voice. Entertainment Weekly won't be impressed either! They had him pegged as the rising star on the show!

To find out who was eliminated (in addition to Todrick), click here to read my Idol Chatter column in today's Moncton Times & Transcript.

The Top 12 perform songs from The Rolling Stones next Tuesday beginning at 9 p.m. Atlantic (8 p.m. Eastern) on Fox! Don't miss it! Have a great weekend, everyone!

RIP Merlin Olsen: former L.A. Rams and Little House on the Prairie star

Former L.A. Rams and Little House on the Prairie star Merlin Olsen died yesterday of cancer at the age of 69.

Here he is in some scenes from Little House on the Prairie:

Idol Chatter - Top 8 guys' performance show aired March 10, 2010

Last night, the eight remaining male contestants sang for a spot in this year's coveted Top 12. Unlike the girls, which saw at least three horrible performances, the guys did really well last night. Even Todrick Hall and Tim Urban did quite well, but I'm not sure it was enough to save them.

I think the following contestants are definitely safe (in no particular order)

- Casey James
- Michael Lynche
- Andrew Garcia (but his star is falling on the show)
- Aaron Kelly
- Lee DeWyze

Could be in danger, but I really doubt it:

- Alex Lambert

That's how I end up with Todrick and Tim as the ones being eliminated tonight. It's not because I think they deserve it after this last night's performances (if that's all you take into consideration), but because I can't see any of the others being eliminated, except perhaps for Alex, but he has a growing fan base and has become a darling of the judges.

Has Andrew's star fallen far enough to get booted? I doubt it. Is Aaron too young? He has a big tween fan base. Casey? The cougars are voting en masse for him. Michael? After last night, he's definitely safe. Lee? One of the favourites and getting the rocker vote. Definitely safe.

So - it's bye-bye to Todrick and Tim!

For a complete recap of last night's show, click here to read my Idol Chatter column in today's Moncton Times & Transcript.

Tune in tonight at 9 p.m. Atlantic (8 p.m. Eastern) on Fox to see how it all plays out! Next week, we're back to only two shows per week -- one performance show and one results show, as the Top 12 finally start competing in ernest for the title of American Idol 2010!

Hey, if you got it, you might as well self-medicate

Hump Day
By Brian Cormier
Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Moncton Times & Transcript
Editorial section

Why is it that the little things seem to hurt so much? For some reason, I seem to be prone to paper cuts... and those little buggers sure can hurt!

Never mind paper cuts, I recently cut my finger opening a new box of bandages -- true story. At least the bandages came in handy, eh? And just a few days ago, I sliced open my right index finger on a package of gum. Yes, gum.

Don't ever hand me a chainsaw, folks, because I'll probably behead myself before I even turn it on. I'd be the worst-ever serial killer. Grand total of deaths: one. Me.

If gum-induced injury isn't bad enough (and trust me, it's difficult to type with a bandaged index finger), my voice right now is deep, raspy and oh so sexy. Not on purpose, of course, but thanks to a couple of co-workers who returned from a business trip and who brought back a present with them: the plague.

One by one over the last three weeks, each and every person in my office has fallen ill. First, those who were on the business trip... and now the innocent bystanders, including me.

I don't seem to have it as badly as the rest. I take a ton of vitamins and supplements every day, so that helps my immune system stay stronger than most. I also fully believe in treating the symptoms of a cold to the fullest extent of what is available by law over the counter. Translation: I pretty much give myself brain damage by taking every syrup, pill and lozenge out there. If they sell it at a pharmacy, I'll take it.

Now, I realize that doing this is not exactly condoned by the medical profession, but they need to understand that I hate being sick. Letting a cold run its course? Puh-leeze! I'm too busy to be felled by a cold, the flu or some nasty infection. There are not enough hours in the day to do what I need to get done now, never mind if I'm sick!

So, the minute I feel a cold coming on, I walk down the cold-and-flu section of the pharmacy with one arm scooping entire shelves of products into the shopping cart. I start with the mild stuff at first, then mix and match after that. I sit by the telephone with 911 on speed dial and a business card from my favourite funeral home on my lap (with detailed coffin display instructions for my wake) in case I don't dial 911 fast enough.

Luckily, I usually manage to make it through the day unscathed. I feel reasonably good and only experience a few unpleasant side effects, such as a bit of sneezing, a mild dry cough, a scratchy throat and, depending on how much medication I've managed to shovel into my mouth to feel better -- unconsciousness, hallucinations, paralysis on one or both sides of my body, colour blindness, and a blinding headache due to the instantaneous mountain-sized brain tumour that grew in my head. OK, maybe I have to admit that sometimes I overdo it on the over-the-counter medications.

Thankfully, I'm not sick very often, mostly because I have a steadfast rule of not visiting people when they're ill. Most of my family is like that, actually. If one of us is sick, we tell the others to stay away. I'd like to say that it's done with a lot of love and respect, but it's not. It's more like, "Don't come over here. I don't want what you have. I don't care if you see dead relatives telling you to walk toward the light. I don't care if you're crying tears of blood from the pain."

At work, it's another story. When you need to meet deadlines, sometimes it's impossible to stay home. I'm not being judgmental: I do the same thing. I've shown up at work practically half dead with a hearse outside just waiting to take me to get embalmed the minute I drop. I would never dare take a nap at work when I'm sick, because I'd wake up naked on a metal table in the basement of some funeral parlour with embalmers pointing at my you-know-what and chuckling derisively, forcing me to pipe up.

"Excuse me, but I'm in the room!" I love making embalmers scream.

A friend of mine broke his wrist recently and had to have surgery to fix the severe injury. He sent me photos of the aftermath and it was pretty obvious that the break was beyond horrible. It looked like his wrist had snapped in half and that they had sewn it back on. He said the pain was unbelievable... and this is from someone with a reasonably high tolerance for pain. I suppose my paper cuts and colds pale in comparison. I certainly wouldn't want to trade places with him.

I've only broken one bone -- a finger about 35 years ago when I tripped on a tree root while playing Star Trek with my friends. That hurt bad enough, especially when my father decided to start pulling on it to put it back into place because he thought it was just dislocated. (Insert high-pitched girly scream here.) I can't imagine breaking something more substantial. A leg... an arm... a collar bone... ribs... all sound so painful and horrendous that I certainly count myself lucky for only having suffered relatively minor injuries and illnesses throughout my life.

All in all, I'm grateful for being in good health. I'll take the paper cut or mild cold any day of the week over anything more serious. If whatever I have can be cured or made better with over-the-counter medication, I'm truly a lucky man.

But, being a typical man, I'm not a good patient. I'm stubborn and impatient for everything to get better immediately! If overdosing on cold medicine doesn't work, then maybe I could ask someone to kiss my booboo better. I just need to remember that asking strangers for this favour at the mall is frowned upon by society -- and the police.

That reminds me. Does anyone know how long it takes for a restraining order to expire?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Breast milk cheese anyone?


American Idol Top 8 girls: The best and the worst

The worst: Paige Miles -- "Smile" @ Yahoo! Video

The best: Crystal Bowersox -- "Give Me One Reason" @ Yahoo! Video

"Lost Boys" and reality TV star Corey Haim dead at 38

According to this report from TMZ, Canadian-born actor Corey Haim died in Los Angeles this morning of a suspected drug overdose. He was only 38.

Here he is in a recent ET Canada interview:

Idol Chatter - Top 8 girls' performance show aired March 9, 2010

Last night, the Top 8 girls performed, with three of them tanking completely, including one of the favourites.

The show was only one hour long, so the chitchat and introduction videos were kept to a bare minimum as the show clipped along at a fast pace. Like last week, the contestants sang songs from the Billboard charts.

In my opinion, the three contestants who got and "F" last night were Paige Miles (disaster), Katie Stevens (put everyone to sleep) and Lilly Scott, one of the favourites, who sang a beloved song about heartbreak like it was a happy little ditty. For some unbelievable reason, three of the four judges liked Lilly. Really? Lilly, of course, is in no trouble due to her very strong season so far and having sung last on the show.

As for the other two and the rest of the contestants, click here to read my Idol Chatter in today's Moncton Times & Transcript.

Tonight at 10 p.m. Atlantic (9 p.m. Eastern) on Fox, the Top 8 guys sing. Tomorrow, another four contestants go home and the Top 12 are chosen!

This week's Hump Day column...

... is about being sick and how much I hate it. Well, I suppose everyone hates being sick, but I REALLY hate it! Whenever I have a cold, I find myself at the pharmacy buying every miracle cure for the symptoms. It's expensive... and don't have the patience to wait for the cold to end, so usually take way too much medication. (Instructions? They're for wimps!)

Check out Hump Day in the editorial section of today's Moncton Times & Transcript. It will also be posted online here tomorrow.

And remember.. if it's Wednesday, it's Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cubicle War 2010

Barats and Bereta are a hilarious comedy team who do great work. I love their videos. Yesterday, they posted a video follow-up to their 2006 video "Cubicle War" -- "Cubicle War 2010". First, here's the 2006 version:

And the 2010 sequel:

If you like these, you'll also like their very clever "Bible in a Minute" (2.2 million views and climbing!):

Monday, March 08, 2010

Missing person: Donna O'Rielly

Moncton resident Donna O'Rielly has been missing since Friday, February 26, at just after 8 p.m. when she left The Bay in Highfield Square in Moncton. She worked at H&R Block in the mall and had just ended her shift. She was never seen again after leaving.

Her family is devastated and the police are baffled. If you know where Donna is or have any information whatsoever, please contact the Codiac RCMP at (506) 857-2400. Click on the photo for a larger version.

Codiac RCMP news releases on the investigation can be found here:

- March 5: Surveillance video of missing person Donna O’Rielly posted on YouTube, Moncton, N.B.

- March 2: Codiac Regional RCMP seek public’s help, Moncton, N.B.

- February 27: Missing 54-year-old woman, Moncton, N.B.

Below is video footage of Donna leaving The Bay that night (video referenced in March 5th news release). If you recognize anyone else in the video, please call the Codiac RCMP immediately at (506) 857-2400.

Please join me in sending best wishes to Donna's family and friends at this difficult time -- and of course to Donna, as we pray for her safe return to her family.