Thursday, April 14, 2011

Idol Chatter review of American Idol’s April 13, 2011, episode — Top 8 performance show

This week on American Idol, the Top 8 performed songs featured in movies. With fans, contestants and the judges still reeling after last week’s shocking elimination of front-runner Pia Toscano — not to mention Casey Abrams equally surprising near-elimination a few weeks ago — this season is proving to the be the most unpredictable yet. No one is safe.

With Pia’s exit, I believe the position of clear front-runner goes to country boy Scotty McCreery. James Durbin continues to impress week after week. Lauren Alaina is also a stong contender, but I think she’s lacking in the personality department just a bit. But man, has she got a voice!

Last night, I thought Haley tanked. Paul was just weird. Jacob sounded exactly the same as he does every week. Stefano redeemed himself. Casey got a standing ovation from the judges but I somehow doubt his performance connected with young voting fans. Scotty was solid, as usual. James and Lauren were the two standouts.

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Tune in to Fox tonight at 9 p.m. Atlantic / 8 p.m. Eastern for the results!

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